2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the best gifts for the weed lovers in your life? Here's a rundown of the highest quality gifts money can buy for your cannabis loving friends. We're sharing the best of the best, the biggest bangs for your buck, and some of the most talked about products that are sure to be a hit this season. Everything on this list is something we would be so excited to open, and we know your friends and family will be, too.

Gifts for Beginners

Gifts are the perfect way for beginners to get their foot in the door with cannabis. Oftentimes we have friends and family who are curious, but overwhelmed by all the options out there. Whether you're a seasoned user yourself or also new to the game, the products below are fool-proof and will set your newbie up for an awesome introductory experience.

Woman smoking out of a bowl

If you prefer smoking over vaping, then the Eyce Oraflex Spoon Pipes should be at the top of your list for go-to smoking accessories regardless of your experience with using pipes. Oraflex pipes are virtually indestructible with two layers of platinum-cured silicone and a third clear layer that gives them that classic glass look. The removable borosilicate glass chamber makes cleaning a breeze and thus removes one of the trickier parts of smoking from the equation. No tricky cleaning, no glass shattering? That’s the perfect beginner pipe.

For friends or family who’ve just taken to smoking, Vibes papers might be a perfect gift to help get them started. Vibes papers come in different styles and sizes for different types of sessions: Rice papers which burn more slowly for longer sessions, Ultra-thin papers for more flavor from the material, and Hemp papers which provide a more classic session and burn more slowly and boost flavor.

Rolling papers
Vape pen

The G Pen Dash is a phenomenal beginner dry herb vaporizer that is easy to use and easy to clean. The G Pen Dash offers a performance that doesn’t pack too much or too little of a punch, making it easier to adjust to whether you’re switching over to vaping from smoking or vaping for the first time without a history of smoking first.

To really get off to a good start and have the best experience, get the best grinder there is. The Flower Mill is by far our favorite grinder on the market. It actually mills the herb rather than grinds it, and the results are pure perfection. Its high end and has a price tag to match, so this investment is best for a beginner who is likely to use it for years.

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Herb grinder
Herb grinders

Everyone needs a grinder whether you prefer to vape or smoke, which is why we suggest Aerospaced Grinders by Higher Standards as a phenomenal gift for beginners. These grinders are made to last with aircraft-grade components and use distinctive grinding technologies for quality shredding and grinding to produce any of the consistencies that you may need for smoking or vaping.

The Fury EDGE has become a staple recommendation for a starter dry herb vaporizer from our customer representatives because of its ease of use, perfectly balanced performance, and reliability. The EDGE has everything you need to get started: a simple 3 button interface, plenty of temperature options, a solid battery life, and an attachment for glass accessories that gives you the option to try out and see what kinds of accessories you prefer.

Dry herb vaporizer
Liquid vaporizer pen

There’s no better starter liquid vaporizer than the Boundless Terp Pen because of how easy it is to use. There aren’t any buttons or settings to worry about. Simply load the coil with a very small amount of liquid material using a tool or by gently dipping the heating tip directly into the material, then inhale and you’re vaping. The Terp Pen can be taken apart for a super easy cleaning and can be pre-loaded with material and capped for vaping on the go.

Gifts for Casual Users

Casual users know their way around the products they've tried before. But with new and improved products hitting the shelves every year, there's a good chance your seasoned connoisseur is using something outdated and subpar. It's easy to get stuck in a rut and a different product can open up a whole new experience.

The X-Max Starry V3 excels as an everyday staple vaporizer. It’s a pocket friendly dry herb portable vaporizer with a 60–90-minute runtime, a wide temperature range, a sturdy anodized aluminum build that looks as attractive as it is tough, and a top-quality performance at an affordable price. There isn’t much more you can ask for as a casual user.

Portable dry herb vaporizer
Liquid material vaporizer

The X-Max QOMO is a liquid material vaporizer that is a perfect choice for beginners or casual users. The single button interface makes using the Qomo a breeze and the performance is impressively powerful when compared to its small travel-friendly size. The Qomo also features a built-in tool and an easy-to-disassemble design for easy cleaning, and a glass bubbler that makes vapor smooth and cool.

DynaVap’s unique and innovative non-electronic design makes this dry-herb on-demand vaporizer a must-have for most casual vaporizer users. There’s no need to charge a battery; the VapCap M only needs a heat source to work, though we recommend an induction heater like the Dynatec Orion Induction Heater for the best results. The VapCap M puts the control in your hands, offering a variety of ways from chiral airports to an adjustable chamber size, to get the results you want.

Dry-herb on-demand vaporizer
Portable Vaporizer

The Boundless Tera is a dual use portable vaporizer offering a quality performance with both liquid and dry materials and one of the few portable vaporizers to feature precision temperature control and convection heating. The Tera is a fantastic addition to any collection with an easy-to-use interface, powerful batteries that can be swapped out on the go, and the ability to switch between vaping dry and liquid materials seamlessly.

The Pax 3 is one of the most sought-after vaporizers for its elegant and innovative design and can be used with liquid or dry materials. It features optional Bluetooth controls, a lip/motion sensitive heater which raises and lowers the temperature for outstanding flavor and minimal waste, and an incredibly powerful battery that offers 90 minutes of use.

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Portable vaporizer
Luxury vaporizer

The DaVinci IQC is another wonderful luxury vaporizer that makes a wonderful gift for casual vape lovers. The IQC provides full digital temperature control, a boost mode, and a stealth mode and features DaVinci’s iconic and innovative “Smart Path” technology which allows users to fully customize their vaporizer’s performance through the Bluetooth app.

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Gifts for Advanced Users

Advanced users have tried it all. They know what's good, they know what's cheap. And it will take a lot to one-up their current set up. These products below are truly the best of the best and something even the most experienced user will gladly add to their collection.

The Volcano Hybrid is a remix on the classic “King of Vapes,” the Volcano by Storz & Bickel, and features the use of both convection and conduction heating to get the best of both heating styles. Warm air is pulled by the draw or the air pump through the helix-shaped heater and the filling chamber holding your material heats up as well. This works to produce delicious and powerful vapor which is then cooled by the tube or a balloon. This is definitely a vaporizer that will wow even the most experienced user and has just been recently released in a new design: The Volcano Hybrid Onyx Edition.

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the volcano hybrid vaporizer
Vaporizer accessory

For those who use an Easy Valve on their Volcano, either of these two accessories make the perfect addition. They act as percolators which increase humidity and cool down temps, helping protect your throat and lungs and giving you an even finer vapor experience.

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The G pen Connect is designed to turn any 14mm water pipe with a glass-on-glass connection into an e-rig. Reverse airflow technology produces smooth and tasty vapor from your liquid materials and spring-loaded carb release buttons can be used to increase the airflow and empty the chamber. We recommend using the G Pen Connect with the K. Haring Water Pipe for a truly incredible experience.

Vaporizer connection
Rotating glass hookah

The Studenglass Gravity Infuser is a 360° rotating glass hookah which uses kinetic energy and gravity to produce some of the finest draws of dry herb or sheesha that you’ll ever experience. Enjoy using the adjustable mouthpiece, a 3-foot silicone hose, or connect the Studenglass to any vaporizer with a 14mm male joint. Measuring under a foot tall, this portable vaporizer packs a punch.

The Ditanium is a powerful desktop vaporizer with options for using both liquid and dry materials. Load dry material into the handpiece for convection vapor or load liquid material directly onto the heating element and choose a temperature between 0 and 900° F. That’s a LOT of heating power in a beautiful but durable hardwood body.

Desktop vaporizer
Dual-function desktop vaporizer

The Extreme Q is a powerful desktop vaporizer which offers several options for use including a hands-free glass whip, a bag system, and an aromatherapy system. This pure convection vaporizer includes a ceramic heating element that can reach up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and an internal fan to expand balloons or provide an assisted draw. The Extreme Q by Arizer is powerful enough and performs well enough to compete with the best desktop vaporizers but at a much more wallet friendly price point.

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