Magical Butter Machine Review

Welcome to our Magical Butter Machine Review. We spent a week reviewing the Magical Butter Machine, making two batches of coconut oil infused with already-vaped Volcano vaporizer leftovers, and we were really impressed with the results! We think this is a great machine for working with bud that’s already been vaped when you’re looking to make very potent oils.

It’s available for $224.95 with free shipping from and will make your life much easier and save you much time. (Enter MAGICNOW10 at Checkout SAVE 10%)

Inside the box, you’ll find the unit, which is a solidly-constructed, purpose-built appliance that’s mostly stainless steel. It has a very simple control panel on the top with a nice design, too. There’s also a glove for handling the hot oil as well as a filter bag to filter out the plant material from the oil.

The unit comes apart into two pieces, the top has a heating probe, temperature probe, and a blender attachment that stirs the herb into the oil. The bottom of the pot that holds the oil is really just a single piece of stainless steel, making it super easy to clean. The two pieces interlock to create a nice, tight seal.

This thing is super easy to use! All you have to do is start with your oil of choice (we used coconut oil). The minimum amount required to run the machine is 2 cups, and that will bring your liquid up to the minimum fill line inside the unit. In addition to the oil, we used a half-ounce of already-ground vaporizer leftovers that we water-cured to remove some of the funky odors and taste. You can dump this right into the oil and put the lid on. Once you’ve got the two pieces back together, the power comes up through the handle of the unit and the front panel will light up.

We did the 1-hour time cycle on the Oil Temperature setting. Once you hit those two buttons, the machine starts its cycle and delights you with a light show to let you know it’s working.

As the machine goes through its cycle, the lights will flash and every once in a while you’ll hear the blades come on, making quite a bit of noise as it agitates the oils and stirs the herbs into it. You’ll notice a few rounds of the machine being quiet for a bit and then making more noise.

After an hour when the cycle is complete, the machine will beep and the lights on top will flash to let you know it’s ready. Unplug the machine by removing the power cord and then separate the top from the bottom. Hold the top part over the bottom to allow the oil to drip off the motorhead while using a spatula to wipe any accumulated plant material and oil off.

We took it as a good sign that there was herb splattered all over the inside of the machine because it certainly shows that it was agitating it into the oil. However, my one concern is that when you fill it up with two cups of oil, the blender blade barely seems to go below the surface of the oil. This leaves me wondering if it’s splattering the plant matter all over the inside when it’s actually trying to stir. I think in the future, I will try to save more already-vaped bud to make a larger batch.

I used the spatula to scrape the sides down and get as much material in the bottom before I poured it into the filter bag. I then put the filter bag over a cup to catch the oil and filtered the bulk of it right into the cup. Let gravity do its work and let the oil drop out of the stainless steel container and into the filter bag and through the filter into the cup as nice clean, infused oil.

Once most of the oil has dripped through the filter, I put the filter bag in a bowl (it stands up nicely on its own), and used my spatula to scrape every last little bit of oil and plant material out of the Magic Butter Machine and into the filter bag.

With the Magic Butter Machine completely emptied into the filter bag, it’s time to press all the oil out of the plant material. Holding the filter bag over the cup of oil, the included silicon glove allows you to grip the filter bag and squeeze it as hard as you can to get the remaining oil out. You’ll want to do this while the oil is still hot because it will flow easier and you’ll get the most out of the plant material for the most efficient extraction. Keep squeezing and changing your hand position on the filter until no oil comes out of the plant material.

Congrats! If all went well, you will be left with a good amount of infused canna-oil. Decant your oil into a jar for storage and for future use in edibles, topicals, or whatever suits your fancy!

Cleanup is a breeze with this thing, too. You have maybe 4-5 parts you’ll need to clean. The filter bag can be turned inside out to be rinsed and then scrubbed with dish soap and a brush to remove any residual oil or plant material. Get it clean and rinse it well, and then stand it up to dry.

The silicon glove can be easily cleaned by putting it on your hand like a glove and using dish soap and water to rinse the oil off of it and clean it up nicely.

It’s worth noting that this silicon glove is the only item in this kit that’s dishwasher safe. The bottom of the Magic Butter Machine can easily be washed out at the sink and scrubbed with some dish soap and a sponge. You’ll want to be careful to not get any water on any of the black plastic parts that contain electrical connections, though. In general, you can clean the inside of the machine out with a sponge, dish soap, and some water.

When you’re done, take a dish towel or paper towel and wipe it clean while also wiping down the areas that can’t be submerged in water.

Be very careful when washing the motorhead. You don’t want to get water on the black plastic on the top where the control panel and electronics are. If you are careful and use a sprayer in your sink, you can clean this part of the unit up quickly and easily with dish soap and hot water.

Again, use a damp cloth to wash the black plastic parts and electronic parts of the machine so you don’t waterlog them or cause any damage.

This thing makes oil or butter as good if not better than anything I can make myself using my traditional DIY methods. The set-it-and-forget-it functionality is great – you don’t have to remember to check your temperature to make sure it hasn’t gotten too hot, nor do you need to remember to stir! It’s all done for you and it beeps when it’s done.

I have two small gripes with this machine. Firstly, the propeller shaft doesn’t seem quite long enough. I wish it were about an inch longer as I like to use 2 cups of oil and put in as much herb as possible for high potency. Secondly, there’s no read-out on the temperature, so you don’t know what temperature it is inside the machine and you have to trust that it’s right. So far, it hasn’t given me any reason not to trust it, but I would appreciate knowing what was going on inside the machine.

All in all, I think this machine is fantastic. It’s definitely going to be my go-to method for processing already-vaped bud into butter and oil. No more crockpot. No more stirring. No more checking the temperature!

I used my oil to make some delicious brownies using a basic box mix from the store. This is an easy cop-out method to make good use of your coconut oil. Just replace whatever vegetable oil the recipe calls for with your cannabis-infused oil and you’ve got brownies good to go.