Already Vaped Bud

AVB or Already Vaped Bud is previously enjoyed herb that’s still got lots of life left. It’s full of potential for future uses and we show you exactly how to take advantage of that.

What do you do with your cannabis after you vape? Do you toss it out? If so, you are missing a major opportunity! Many people have no idea that you can still use your weed after its been used in a vaporizer. Sure, it looks a little different and smells a little different, but that doesn’t mean all its effects are gone. In fact, AVB still contains THC.

There’s so much you can do with AVB and this section is where we share our ideas, tips, and tricks all about reusing already vaped bud. We’ve got recipes for making oils, gummies, tinctures, and milk, that are all awesome ways to reuse AVB. We also have some reviews on some of the best products for using AVB, like oil infuser machines.

These tips will help you get a much bigger bang for your buck, and use your herb more efficiently. AVB is perfect for use in oils and tinctures, so you can save the fresh stuff for your vaporizer.  Recycling your stash is the way to get the best vaporizer experience and the best edibles experience.

Once you start using these tips and ideas, you’ll never want to throw out your AVB again. I recommend taking a look at our butter and oil recipes first. These are my tried and true uses for AVB and the best place to start.

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Water Curing or Washing Your ABV / AVB for Improved Flavor

What is water curing for cannabis? If you’re getting into making edibles, you may have come across the term “water curing” and have wondered what it means and why you might have a better edibles experience if you do it. It sounds strange but this practice has real benefits to improve the flavor of your…

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How to Use Our THC Calculator Guide

Wondering how to calculate how much THC is in your edibles? We have a weed potency calculator that can tell you! The potency of edibles and infused oils depends on a few factors: how much THC was in your weed to start with how much weed you used if it was water cured what you…

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Levo 2 Oil Infuser Review

The Levo 2 is the next generation of Levo’s oil infuser technology. Check out our review of the original Levo here. The Levo 2 Oil Infuser is new and improved, with a sleek design and additional features. It has multiple functions, making it an all-in-one machine for drying and activating herb and infusing oil. The…

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How to Vape Concentrates in the Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano is great for vaporizing flower. It takes what would normally be a harsh smoke and turns it into tasty and easy-to-inhale vapor. This has been what has made it one of the top selling desktop vaporizers for almost 20 years! However, as great as the Volcano is, it can’t do it all. With…

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Magical Butter Machine Review

Welcome to our Magical Butter Machine Review. We spent a week reviewing the Magical Butter Machine, making two batches of coconut oil infused with already-vaped Volcano vaporizer leftovers, and we were really impressed with the results! We think this is a great machine for working with bud that’s already been vaped when you’re looking to make…

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Vegetable Glycerin Cannabis Tincture

Vegetable Glycerin can be used to make a cannabis tincture using a hot infusion process. Butter and oil are definitely more effective solvents for extraction, but vegetable glycerin can be used in ways butter and oil can’t – like gummies and home made vape juice. 16oz Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin (Buy the best quality you…

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Vegetable Glycerin Cannabis Infused Gummy Bears

This recipe strives to make stable gummies that are small and portable for micro-dosing on the go. INGREDIENTS 6 Fl Oz Vegetable Glycerin Cannabis Tincture 2 Fl Oz Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice 1 Tablespoon Lemon Extract 4 Packets Unflavored Gelatin TOOLS Silicone Gummy Molds Candy Dropper Stainless Whisk Measuring Cups Gently heat the vegetable glycerin…

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Cannabis Infused Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the most effective fats to infuse cannabis into (source). The resulting tincture can be used orally, topically, or as an ingredient for edibles. 16oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Buy the best quality you can afford) 7 – 14 Grams of Ground Cannabis or AVB depending on desired potency Combine ingredients…

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Levo Oil Infuser Review

  Note: The original Levo has been discontinued. Check out my review of the Levo 2.   I spent a week with the Levo Oil Infuser making cannabis olive oil and vegetable glycerin tinctures for edibles and topicals. So far I have been impressed with the results. I think my favorite thing about it is…

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Vaporizer Leftovers Coconut Oil

For over a decade, we’ve been making butter with our Volcano Poo (vaporizer leftovers) with great results. But we like this new method so much that it’s time to share with you. Using vaporizer waste to make cannabis infused coconut oil is much easier, healthier, and more versatile than using butter. You can make some…

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