Already Vaped Bud

AVB or Already Vaped Bud is previously enjoyed herb that’s still got lots of life left. It’s full of potential for future uses and we show you exactly how to take advantage of that.

What do you do with your cannabis after you vape? Do you toss it out? If so, you are missing a major opportunity! Many people have no idea that you can still use your weed after its been used in a vaporizer. Sure, it looks a little different and smells a little different, but that doesn’t mean all its effects are gone. In fact, AVB still contains THC.

There’s so much you can do with AVB and this section is where we share our ideas, tips, and tricks all about reusing already vaped bud. We’ve got recipes for making oils, gummies, tinctures, and milk, that are all awesome ways to reuse AVB. We also have some reviews on some of the best products for using AVB, like oil infuser machines.

These tips will help you get a much bigger bang for your buck, and use your herb more efficiently. AVB is perfect for use in oils and tinctures, so you can save the fresh stuff for your vaporizer.  Recycling your stash is the way to get the best vaporizer experience and the best edibles experience.

Once you start using these tips and ideas, you’ll never want to throw out your AVB again. I recommend taking a look at our butter and oil recipes first. These are my tried and true uses for AVB and the best place to start.

Volcano Bag Milk

How to make Volcano milk from used Volcano bags, courtesy of Martia!

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Reader Question: Volcano Infusions? Ice Cream?

Reader BlackICE writes in to inquire about infusing milk with volcano vapors to make thc laden ice cream. I do my best to help him out and offer some advice – leaning towards using glycerin tincture to doctor the ice cream. Have an experience infusing? Please drop some knowledge in the comments.

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Volcano Poo Glycerin Tincture

Here’s a new use for your Volcano vaporizer leftovers. Glycerin tincture is a great portable way to medicate sublingually. You can also cook with it or add it to drinks. None of the fat and cholesterol of butter and brownies, and without the added effects of alcohol in alcohol based tinctures.

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Vaporizer Butter Making Disaster

So I deviated from my own recipe and ruined a huge batch of volcano leftovers butter. Trying to keep the odors down, I thought I’d get smart and cover the pot with a lid… DON’T COVER THE POT! I ended up creating some sort of butter water emulsion simmering under pressure with the lid on.…

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Volcano Who? Volcano Poo! Who is this Volcano Poo?

Volcano poo is not as nasty as it may sound. It’s simply the leftovers from your vaporizer. Also known as AVB (Already Vaped Bud) or ABV (Already Been Vaped). Most of the active ingredients have been removed by the vaporization process, but trust me – there’s still goodness inside it. Instead of turning up the…

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plate of stacked chocolate brownies

Ultimate Volcano Butter Brownies Using AVB

Vaporizer brownies are a staple of any self-respecting aficionado’s diet. This is a great, easy recipe for kick-ass brownies you can make with Already Vaped Bud or volcano vaporizer leftovers. It’s the classic “one-bowl” recipe that’s a snap to make from scratch. This beats box mixes!

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Volcano Butter Molten Lava Cakes

These decadent vaporizer butter treats will knock your socks off! Very classy dessert, well worth the effort. If you’re looking for a use of that leftover volcano/vaporizer butter – this is the cadillac of treats. As with any extract butter treat, be careful and have a comfortable couch waiting nearby!

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Volcano Vaporizer Leftovers Butter

You can use your vaporizer leftovers to make some surprisingly potent butter for cooking brownies and all sorts of treats. The potency will vary depending on how thoroughly you vape your herb. Obviously much of the active ingredients have been vaped into your lungs while you were vaporizing – but there’s a lot left in…

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