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Levo Oil Infuser Review

I spent a week with the Levo Oil Infuser making cannabis olive oil and vegetable glycerin tinctures for edibles and topicals.
So far I have been impressed with the results. I think my favorite thing about it is how easy it was to clean up. Everything breaks down into a few simple parts for easy cleaning. …

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Just How Efficiently Does The Volcano Vaporize Weed?

We’ve wondered from day 1 exactly how much THC is left in the ABV / AVB / Volcano Poo produced by our Volcano. Finally, we had the opportunity to do some semi-scientific testing. The results are surprising – there is much more THC in the already been vaped bud than I would have imagined.
Here are …

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Hydrology 9 by Cloudious 9 Review

I’ve been dreaming of a good water filtered vaporizer for as long as I’ve owned my Volcano. It’s not that I’m worried about impurities from the vapor, but the cooling and moisturizing effects I’m after. In the past, I’ve gone so far as to commission a glass artist to make a bong for my Volcano …

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Storz & Bickel Drop Prices On Everything

In an unprecedented change to their pricelist, Storz & Bickel has lowered their prices on every vaporizer they make.

Was $669 NOW $599
Was $539 NOW $479
Was $349 NOW $249
Was $399 NOW $279
Was $469 NOW $349


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Vaporizer Leftovers Coconut Oil

We’ve been making butter with our Volcano Poo or vaporizer leftovers for almost a decade with great results. But we’re liking this new method so much it’s time to share it with you. Making cannabis infused coconut oil from vaporizer waste is much easier than butter, healthier and more versatile. With the right equipment and attention …

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Volcano Vaporizer Leftovers Butter

You can use your vaporizer leftovers to make some surprisingly potent butter for cooking brownies and all sorts of treats. The potency will vary depending on how thoroughly you vape your herb. Obviously much of the active ingredients have been vaped into your lungs while your were vaporizing – but there’s a lot left in …

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Volcano Temperature Setting Basics

There are several schools of thought on temp settings for your volcano vaporizer.
The THC in cannabis vaporizes when heated to between 338 F and 372 F. This is not hot enough for the plant material to burn so many of the toxins associated with smoking are not released.
On the original Volcano classic vaporizer, this range …

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