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Volcano Vaporizer Tips, Tricks and How-To

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Buyer’s Guide

The Volcano Vaporizer on Amazon?

So you’ve finally made the decision to treat yourself to a Volcano vaporizer. And now you’re looking for the best place to buy it. If you’re like most consumers, you’re familiar with Amazon. Because naturally that’s the first place you look. Unfortunately you cannot buy the Volcano vaporizer on Amazon.
Is the One Thing You Can’t …

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Solid Valve vs Easy Valve Revisited

Once you’ve decided to get yourself a Volcano Vaporizer, one of the most perplexing things you’ll have to consider is Solid Valve vs. Easy Valve. When I bought by Classic, I got it with the solid valve bag set. For years this was all I knew. I dutifully cleaned my Volcano month after month to keep my …

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Replace Easy Valve Volcano Bags

It’s easy to replace your Easy Valve bags, and get a much longer life out of the mouthpiece. I love the easy valve for many reasons, but the wasteful nature of single use was troubling. Using this trick I’ve been able to clean and keep using mouthpieces 20+ times over. Learn how to replace your easy valve volcano bags right here.

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Replace Bag on Easy Valve

According to this, replacing the bag on your easy valve is possible.
Update: it is indeed possible! I replaced the bag easily in a few minutes. There’s nothing to clean… it really is the easy valve.

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Easy Valve or Solid Valve Revisited

After owning and using the solid valve for 5 years, I thought it was time to see how the other half lives and treat myself to an easy valve starter set. Already I knew of the obvious benefits — easy maintenance, less cleaning to do — but along the way I’ve learned some things that …

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The Volcano Vaporizer Review

UPDATE: 10 Years in there’s no need to update this Volcano vaporizer review. I still use it everyday, and have yet to find a worthy replacement.
Well, it’s been 3 years of bliss since I first ordered my Volcano Vaporizer. After much internal debate I decided to get the Volcano Classic instead of the Volcano Digital. …

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How to Make a Volcano Vaporizer for Less than $300, or even less than $200

UPDATE Since this article was written, the vaporizer market has exploded with options. You can now get a quality vaporizer for less than $200. Check out the selection at VapeWorld, there’s something for every budget.
For the enterprising do-it-yourselfer, all the components for building yourself a working Volcano-style vaporizer can be easily obtained for less than …

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