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Volcano Vaporizer Tips, Tricks and How-To

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Easy Valve -vs- Solid Valve

Solid Valve vs Easy Valve Revisited

Once you’ve decided to get yourself a Volcano Vaporizer, one of the most perplexing things you’ll have to consider is Solid Valve vs. Easy Valve. When I bought by Classic, I got it with the solid valve bag set. For years this was all I knew. I dutifully cleaned my Volcano month after month to keep my …

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Replace Easy Valve Volcano Bags

It’s easy to replace your Easy Valve bags, and get a much longer life out of the mouthpiece. I love the easy valve for many reasons, but the wasteful nature of single use was troubling. Using this trick I’ve been able to clean and keep using mouthpieces 20+ times over. Learn how to replace your easy valve volcano bags right here.

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Replace Bag on Easy Valve

According to this, replacing the bag on your easy valve is possible.
Update: it is indeed possible! I replaced the bag easily in a few minutes. There’s nothing to clean… it really is the easy valve.

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Easy Valve or Solid Valve Revisited

After owning and using the solid valve for 5 years, I thought it was time to see how the other half lives and treat myself to an easy valve starter set. Already I knew of the obvious benefits — easy maintenance, less cleaning to do — but along the way I’ve learned some things that …

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Solid Valve -vs- Easy Valve

The Volcano vaporizer comes with your choice of two valve/balloon systems:
Solid Valve – Click here for details

Durable construction of stainless steel and heat resistant plastics.
You choose the size of the balloon.
Extra balloon material is fairly cheap.

Easy Valve – Click here for details

Maintenance free design – no cleaning – just toss and replace.
Pre-set balloon size.
Did we …

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