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What started out as a site just for Volcano Vaporizer reviews and tips, has become so much bigger. Our reviews cover all the best brands of vaporizers and offer you comprehensive rundowns of the best and the worst vapes among them. The vaping industry has exploded and we only see it growing from here.

While you may have heard of products like the Volcano, there’s literally dozens of high quality vaporizer brands out there coming out with competing products. Let us introduce you to them!

Our vaporizer reviews are of only the highest quality products, so you know anything we review is likely to be pretty legit. The differences between them are more about what you’re looking for in a vape, and which vape is best suited for you. Some are larger, desktop vaporizers, while some are pocket-sized for discrete vaping.

But we talk about more than vaporizers. Here you’ll find thorough reviews of related products, like infusers and bubblers. Many posts have video reviews, too, with demonstrations of how to use oil infusers for weed and other fun gadgets to up your herb game. Whether you’re at home or on the go, there’s a vape product for you, and we’ll help you pick the best vaporizer for your lifestyle.

Can’t decide between two similar vapes? We have comparison articles between different vapes from the same brand, and similar models from different brands. We’ve tried them all so you don’t have to. Check out our selection of top vaporizer reviews and make the right choice for you.

davinci vape, hydrotube, and dosage pod holder

DaVinci iQ2 Carbon Review

The kind people over at DaVinci sent us a IQ2 C Carbon dry herb vaporizer to review. Over the past month or so we have been getting acquainted with the vape, testing out various features, and putting together our thoughts to help you make an informed decision. 2022 is the 10-year anniversary of DaVinci and…

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rokin mini tank oil vape

Rokin Mini Tank Review

The Mini Tank is a 510 threaded battery vape from the brand Rokin. It gives new meaning to the words “portable” and “discreet”, coming in at just 2 inches tall! Rokin says it’s in fact the smallest vape on the market, and was the first mini-sized vaporizer in the US. Rokin’s Mini Tank is for…

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Magma Industries Bag-To-Bong Adapter

Volcano Bag-to-Bong Adapter Cottonmouth got you putting your Volcano down? Are you a seasoned Volcano user, but sometimes you have to take a break from the bag? We hear ya. While that delicious vapor is super tasty, after some time you start to feel those hits in your throat and lungs. That warm, dry heat…

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Mighty Vaporizer Review

Our Mighty Vaporizer review starts with an unboxing and test drive video where we get to see what all the fuss is about. The Cadillac of Portable Vapes Just like a luxury car, the Mighty is built like a tank and handles well. At a price of $349 it’s certainly a luxury item, but most…

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Hybrid on lava

Volcano Hybrid Review: Top Quality Vaporizer

Um, can we just say ‘Holy Smokes’ and call that a review? Maybe ‘Holy Vapes!’ is more appropriate. We were impressed with Storz & Bickel’s Volcano Hybrid right out of the box, but we expected quality so this part wasn’t really a surprise. To kick off our Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer review, let’s take a walk…

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Gold Volcano Review Video Thumbnail

Gold Volcano Vaporizer Review & Test Drive

If C-3PO and Storz & Bickel had a baby, it would be the 20th Anniversary Commemorative Gold Volcano. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one and put together this Gold Volcano Vaporizer review. Being that the Gold Volcano is simply the Volcano Classic wrapped in real, solid gold plating around the cone,…

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flower mill 4-piece stainless steel

Flower Mill Herb Grinder Review

We’ve all tried different grinders on our herb, and they largely provide the same result. Some offer a finer or coarser setting, or a catch chamber. But what about the difference between how they grind your material? Our review of the Flower Mill grinder breaks it all down for you. Flower Mill USA is a…

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black portable Furna vaporizer

Furna Vaporizer Review

This week, I’m updating our review of a dry herb vape I recently tried for the first time, Furna. Furna hails from Canada and is a “revolutionary new approach to portable vaporizing”. Well, a friend and I put that claim to the test and here’s what we thought of their portable dry herb vaporizer: Interchangeable…

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vessel compass oil cartridge battery color choices

Vessel Compass Oil Cartridge Battery Review

As far as Christmas gifts go, getting a temperature adjustable vaporizer is up there as one of those can’t-go-wrong gifts on my list. I was thrilled to receive the Compass Oil Cartridge Battery by Vessel from a friend, and give it a try. Appearance The Compass is teeny tiny, which means it’s discrete for on…

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rolling cones with the OTTO herb grinder

OTTO Herb Grinder Review

The OTTO is a high end electric grinder by The Banana Brothers. It attaches to a cone filling tool to fill your cones directly, and it can also be used as a regular grinder by attaching it to a funnel. The best thing about the OTTO is that it makes filling cones easy and consistent.…

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