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What started out as a site just for Volcano Vaporizer reviews and tips, has become so much bigger. Our reviews cover all the best brands of vaporizers and offer you comprehensive rundowns of the best and the worst vapes among them. The vaping industry has exploded and we only see it growing from here.

While you may have heard of products like the Volcano, there’s literally dozens of high quality vaporizer brands out there coming out with competing products. Let us introduce you to them!

Our vaporizer reviews are of only the highest quality products, so you know anything we review is likely to be pretty legit. The differences between them are more about what you’re looking for in a vape, and which vape is best suited for you. Some are larger, desktop vaporizers, while some are pocket-sized for discrete vaping.

But we talk about more than vaporizers. Here you’ll find thorough reviews of related products, like infusers and bubblers. Many posts have video reviews, too, with demonstrations of how to use oil infusers for weed and other fun gadgets to up your herb game. Whether you’re at home or on the go, there’s a vape product for you, and we’ll help you pick the best vaporizer for your lifestyle.

Can’t decide between two similar vapes? We have comparison articles between different vapes from the same brand, and similar models from different brands. We’ve tried them all so you don’t have to. Check out our selection of top vaporizer reviews and make the right choice for you.

DaVinci Ascent Portable Vaporizer Review

The Ascent by Da Vinci is a portable vape that handles both loose leaf plant material and oils or concentrates. The kind folks at Ascent sent one for review, and I’ve had some time to play with it.

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Magic Flight vs Firefly

The Magic Flight Launch Box, was in my opinion the first portable vaporizer that could fit in your pocket and produce amazing vapor on demand. Since it’s creation, the market has exploded with other pocketable vaporizer options. One recent entrant into the race is The Firefly. In some ways it represents what I wish the Magic Flight could be, but on other points fails in comparison. Here I’ll try to provide comparison of the The Magic Flight vs The Firefly.

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Firefly Portable Vaporizer

I’ve had my cherry red Firefly for a week now, and just took it on a short trip. The Vapor – Awesome

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Portable Vaporizers: Magic-Flight Launch Box

The Magic-Flight Launch Box is a surprisingly capable portable vaporizer. Super stealthy, it fits in the palm of your hand. You can vaporize without detection just about anywhere. Unfortunately, the battery life leads much to desire. Fortunately there’s an answer for that.

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Easy Valve or Solid Valve Revisited

After owning and using the solid valve for 5 years, I thought it was time to see how the other half lives and treat myself to an easy valve starter set. Already I knew of the obvious benefits — easy maintenance, less cleaning to do — but along the way I’ve learned some things that…

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Volcano Vaporizer Certified for Product Safety

Storz & Bickel continues to set the bar for high quality and safe vaporization systems. The Volcano Vaporizer has been certified for electrical and mechanical safety and reliability by TÜV SÜD.

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The Volcano Vaporizer Classic Review: Our Favorite Vape… 18 Years Later

Update 18 Years in there’s no need to update this Volcano Classic review. I still use it everyday, and have yet to find a worthy replacement. I wrote this post in 2009, 3 years into my ownership of a Volcano. Hard to believe so much time has passed, and this unit has continued to produce…

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Volcano Vaporizer User Reviews, Experiences and Testimonials

Many visitors have sent us their personal testimonials and experiences with the Volcano Vaporizer. Here’s a few from real Volcano owners.

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Solid Valve -vs- Easy Valve

The Volcano vaporizer comes with your choice of two valve/balloon systems: Solid Valve – Click here for details Durable construction of stainless steel and heat resistant plastics. You choose the size of the balloon. Extra balloon material is fairly cheap. Easy Valve – Click here for details Maintenance free design – no cleaning – just…

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