Hybrid on lava

Volcano Hybrid Review: Top Quality Vaporizer

Um, can we just say ‘Holy Smokes’ and call that a review? Maybe ‘Holy Vapes!’ is more appropriate. We were impressed with Storz & Bickel’s Volcano Hybrid right out of the box, but we expected quality so this part wasn’t really a surprise. To kick off our Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer review, let’s take a walk…

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Gold Volcano Review Video Thumbnail

Gold Volcano Vaporizer Review & Test Drive

If C-3PO and Storz & Bickel had a baby, it would be the 20th Anniversary Commemorative Gold Volcano. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one and put together this Gold Volcano Vaporizer review. Being that the Gold Volcano is simply the Volcano Classic wrapped in real, solid gold plating around the cone,…

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black portable Furna vaporizer

Furna Vaporizer Review

This week, I’m updating our review of a dry herb vape I recently tried for the first time, Furna. Furna hails from Canada and is a “revolutionary new approach to portable vaporizing”. Well, a friend and I put that claim to the test and here’s what we thought of their portable dry herb vaporizer: Interchangeable…

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rolling cones with the OTTO herb grinder

OTTO Herb Grinder Review

The OTTO is a high end electric grinder by The Banana Brothers. It attaches to a cone filling tool to fill your cones directly, and it can also be used as a regular grinder by attaching it to a funnel. The best thing about the OTTO is that it makes filling cones easy and consistent.…

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weighing herb for the Levo 2 oil infuser

Levo 2 Oil Infuser Review

The Levo 2 is the next generation of Levo’s oil infuser technology. Check out our review of the original Levo here. The Levo 2 Oil Infuser is new and improved, with a sleek design and additional features. It has multiple functions, making it an all-in-one machine for drying and activating herb and infusing oil. The…

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showing how to refill a vape cartridge with syringe

How to Fill & Refill Vape Cartridges

Watch this video to see the fastest and easiest way to fill or refill vape cartridges. Our favorites are the CCell TH2 Oil Cartridges. They’re refillable, made of ceramic, and offer the best balance between price and performance. When concentrates are too thick to squeeze into a cartridge, the best solution is to heat them…

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storz and bickel ceramic filling chamber

Volcano Hybrid Safety Recall – Replacement Part Review

One of the things I love about the Volcano Hybrid is that you can use it as a whip-style vaporizer in addition to the traditional bag-style that the Volcano is known for. To accomplish this, the filling chamber was redesigned to twist so that it locks in place. Because this twisting motion involves two flat…

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reassembling a broken Volcano easy valve chamber on a desk

How To Rebuild Your Volcano Easy Valve Chamber If It Breaks

I’ve had my Volcano for more than a decade – These things can really last forever! Unfortunately, the little plastic leg on my chamber broke off after taking a tumble off the coffee table. While it still works just fine, the fact that it was broken bothered me, so I decided to buy the replacement…

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O2VAPE Flip Ultra Review

 UPDATE: 1 year later – this is still the most reliable and solid battery in our house. Our only gripe is the matte black finish flaked off which was messy for awhile but now has a weathered appearance and is no longer shedding flakes of plastic. Regardless we still love this battery and it…

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Davinci Miqro

Davinci Miqro Review

The good people at DaVinci sent us one of their new Miqro dry herb vaporizers to review. During a recent trip, and away from our trusty Volcano, we were able to thoroughly test the new vaporizer for our DaVinci Miqro review. New and Mostly Improved DaVinci’s new Miqro is their latest handheld device and is…

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