Volcano Owner’s Guide

Our Volcano Owner’s Guide is where we share our knowledge of all the ins and outs of the Volcano Vaporizer. If you’ve had yours for awhile, chances are you’ve come across some questions or issues. This is where your questions will be answered!

Whether you have a Classic Volcano, a Digital, or a Volcano Hybrid, this is the section for you. Whether you’re an Easy Valve or a Solid Valve user, we’ve got articles and how to guides just for you.

Need to replace a part? Wondering how to take the Volcano apart? Rest assured, you won’t break anything if you follow our guides. We’ve even got links to where you can buy those little replacement parts that are impossible to find on places like Amazon. Watch our must-see videos and follow along with us as we show you exactly how to repair or replace certain parts.

We’ve also got review articles on the highest quality products that you can use along with your Volcano. These are products that pair perfectly to help you get more uses out of your AVB or Volcano leftovers. Once you learn about all the potential things you can do, you’ll want to expand your collection to include these products, and make your cannabis experience that much better.

If you own or are looking to own a Volcano, check out our Volcano Owner’s Guide. There’s dozens of articles on everything you need to know to properly use, maintain, and repair your Volcano. We’re happy to help!

The Most Common Mistakes We Make When Making Edibles

Edibles. The delicious treat that keeps on giving, am I right? When I first started making edibles, I can’t tell you how many times I not only disappointed myself… but also all the homies I disappointed by giving them “the most fire edibles you’ll ever have” just for them to not be fire at all.…

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blue smoke background

Water Curing or Washing Your ABV / AVB for Improved Flavor

What is water curing for cannabis? If you’re getting into making edibles, you may have come across the term “water curing” and have wondered what it means and why you might have a better edibles experience if you do it. It sounds strange but this practice has real benefits to improve the flavor of your…

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red Levo 2 oil infuser with broken lid

How to fix a broken lid on the Levo 2 Oil Infuser

Let me start by saying that my Levo 2 Oil Infuser is one of my favorite items in my kitchen. It’s truly a must-have in our household and we use it often. I know a lot of you feel the same way and it has come to my attention that some of you are experiencing…

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plate of stacked chocolate brownies

How to Use Our THC Calculator Guide

Wondering how to calculate how much THC is in your edibles? We have a weed potency calculator that can tell you! The potency of edibles and infused oils depends on a few factors: how much THC was in your weed to start with how much weed you used if it was water cured what you…

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weighing herb for the Levo 2 oil infuser

Levo 2 Oil Infuser Review

The Levo 2 is the next generation of Levo’s oil infuser technology. Check out our review of the original Levo here. The Levo 2 Oil Infuser is new and improved, with a sleek design and additional features. It has multiple functions, making it an all-in-one machine for drying and activating herb and infusing oil. The…

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storz and bickel ceramic filling chamber

Volcano Hybrid Safety Recall – Replacement Part Review

One of the things I love about the Volcano Hybrid is that you can use it as a whip-style vaporizer in addition to the traditional bag-style that the Volcano is known for. To accomplish this, the filling chamber was redesigned to twist so that it locks in place. Because this twisting motion involves two flat…

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reassembling a broken Volcano easy valve chamber on a desk

How To Rebuild Your Volcano Easy Valve Chamber If It Breaks

I’ve had my Volcano for more than a decade – These things can really last forever! Unfortunately, the little plastic leg on my chamber broke off after taking a tumble off the coffee table. While it still works just fine, the fact that it was broken bothered me, so I decided to buy the replacement…

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Hybrid on lava

Safety Information For Volcano Hybrid Owners

Safety Information Regarding The Volcano Hybrid There’s been a lot of chatter about users breathing in aluminum dust particles while using the recently released Volcano Hybrid. I’m sorry…what? Admittedly, we were skeptical about the reviews claiming this because the knock-off game is strong, and this is not the quality that we’ve come to expect from…

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Hybrid on lava

How to Use the Volcano Hybrid

So you decided to get yourself a brand new, shiny Volcano Hybrid. Congratulations! You made a smart move and you’re now officially the coolest kid on the block. Haven’t made the leap yet? Read our Volcano Hybrid review to help make your decision! But what’s even cooler than owning one is knowing how to actually…

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Hybrid on lava

How to Clean the Volcano Hybrid

If you want to have a great session, you need to be on your cleaning A-game. Can you use the Volcano Hybrid without cleaning it? …Sure. But that’s gross and the flavor you’ll get will be majorly subpar, not to mention the air quality going into your lungs will not be doing you any favors.…

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