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Volcano Vaporizer Tips, Tricks and How-To

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Using It

How to Load a Vaporizer Clean and Easy

Loading the herb chamber on any vaporizer can be a tricky proposition. Using my fingers or credit/business cards can be messy with multiple tries to get it all in.
For all it’s amazing German engineering, the simple act of getting the material into the chamber was overlooked. I used to load my vaporizer with a business …

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Best Herb Grinder for Vaporizing

A Volcano vaporizer without an herb grinder, is like a car without gas. Proper grinding of the herb prior to vaporizing is crucial; whether your are using a Volcano, a Vapir or a Vapor Brothers Vaporizer – grind your herb!
How much to grind the herb? Very fine, but not so fine it falls thru the …

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Best Cleaning Solution for Your Vaporizer

There’s some debate on the best cleaning solution for using on your vaporizer – Volcano or otherwise.
Good Old Hot Water – Hot water will easily remove gunk from glass and metal. However all that hot water can make for some nasty burns.
Rubbing Alcohol – Cuts right thru gunk. Gloves strongly recommended, along with ventilation and …

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Volcano Vaporizer Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your new Volcano vaporizer can be a bit intimidating at first, with all the pieces and parts – but the cleaner you keep it, the better it will work. Here are a few basic tips for cleaning your vaporizer.

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