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Volcano Vaporizer Tips, Tricks and How-To

Vaporizer Reviews, Cooking with AVB / ABV, Recipes and More


Decarb Cannabis: How to Get Your Weed Ready to Cook With

decarb cannabis

Cannabis edibles are the most popular form of cannabis whether used for medical or recreational purposes. This has inspired many people to make their own edibles at home. While not hard, cooking with cannabis can be a little bit tricky and does take some patience and attention to detail. It’s ok though because we’re going …

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Volcano Temperature Setting Basics

There are several schools of thought on temp settings for your volcano vaporizer.
The THC in cannabis vaporizes when heated to between 338 F and 372 F. This is not hot enough for the plant material to burn so many of the toxins associated with smoking are not released.
On the original Volcano classic vaporizer, this range …

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