Edibles Dosage Calculators

Want to make edibles that don't suck? You're in the right place.

How to get the right dose in your edibles

One of the most important aspects of making good edibles is knowing how strong you're making them. This is partially important because you want to conserve your product and not be wasteful; but you also don't want to have a bad — or unpredictable — experience when you enjoy your edibles.

Whether you're brand new to at-home edibles or you've been making them for years, the key to not screwing them up is measuring your dose. With just a few simple numbers, we easily help you figure out how potent your edibles are. Give us the info you have on your herb, and we'll calculate the rest so you can feel confident in what you're creating.

Which calculator do I need?

We have a couple different weed calculators depending on what your end product will be. Are you using herb you've already vaped with? Do you want to make cannabis-infused oil or butter? Or will you create an at-home cannabis tincture? The dosing info you'll need will vary depending on your project, but our medium-specific cannabis calculators have you covered.

AVB Calculator

Looking to get a little more bang for your buck? Well then, stop discarding your vaporizer leftovers and start putting that AVB to good use! Use our Already Vaped Bud Calculator to tell you how much of that precious AVB to put into your edibles.

Cannabutter Calculator

Cannabutter is one of the most common first-time edibles you can make — and luckily it's pretty simple. With literally three ingredients it's not the shopping list that might have you nervous, it's the dosing. Use our Cannabutter Calculator to make sure you get it right on the first try.

Oil Calculator

Infusing weed into coconut oil or olive oil is one of our favorite ways to make edibles. The possibilities are endless once you make yourself some fine infused oil. Use it in savory dishes or bake it into brownies and beyond. Our Cannabis Infused Oil Calculator will break down what you need and how to achieve the perfect potency.

Tincture Calculator

Tinctures, by nature, tend to be strong. Does that mean you can just wing it and toss a bunch of bud in there and hope for the best? No! You want to be extra careful with measuring the dose for tinctures. Too weak and you've wasted your time; too strong and you're in for an unpleasant ride. Our Tincture Calculator will put your mind at ease when whipping up these hard-to-get-right potions.

Universal Potency Calculator

When all else fails, use our original, Universal Potency Calculator. This one's perfect for general use - when you want to get an idea of your dosing for whatever type of edible you're making. It combines options for the above creations for those who want to play around and see what their choices are for cooking with the materials they have.

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