How To Rebuild Your Volcano Easy Valve Chamber If It Breaks

reassembling a broken Volcano easy valve chamber on a desk

I’ve had my Volcano for more than a decade – These things can really last forever! Unfortunately, the little plastic leg on my chamber broke off after taking a tumble off the coffee table. While it still works just fine, the fact that it was broken bothered me, so I decided to buy the replacement…

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Safety Information For Volcano Hybrid Owners

Hybrid on lava

Safety Information Regarding The Volcano Hybrid There’s been a lot of chatter about users breathing in aluminum dust particles while using the recently released Volcano Hybrid. I’m sorry…what? Admittedly, we were skeptical about the reviews claiming this because the knock-off game is strong, and this is not the quality that we’ve come to expect from…

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Solid Valve -vs- Easy Valve

The Volcano vaporizer comes with your choice of two valve/balloon systems: Solid Valve – Click here for details Durable construction of stainless steel and heat resistant plastics. You choose the size of the balloon. Extra balloon material is fairly cheap. Easy Valve – Click here for details Maintenance free design – no cleaning – just…

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