Do they make the Volcano Digital Vaporizer anymore?

If you’ve been searching for the Volcano Digital Vaporizer, you may have realized it’s a little harder to find that it used to be. Why is that?

The Volcano Digit Vaporizer has been discontinued as of August 2019.

An upgrade from the Volcano Classic that’s been around for more than a decade, the Volcano Digit featured a bright, easy-to-read digital temperature display rather than an analog temperature control dial. It also boasted an automatic shutoff timer that allowed you to preserve the vaporizer’s heating element while conserving energy.

So what now?

The Volcano Digit has been replaced by the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer.

One of the most anticipated Storz & Bickel products, the Volcano Hybrid is the most recent new and improved Volcano vaporizer and has all the beloved features expected as well as some new qualities you can be excited about.

While the Volcano Classic and Digit both use convection heating, the new Hybrid Vaporizer has added conduction heating, creating a hybrid (for lack of a better term) heating style that extracts much faster. What does this look like functionally? You can extract everything you want in 2 bags with the Hybrid versus 4 bags with the Classic.

If you don’t like bags, you’ll also love the fact that the Volcano Hybrid comes with a whip that fits securely on top of the vaporizer. This makes it much easier to share, too!

Other benefits of the Volcano Hybrid include more precise temperature controls, faster heat-up time, and a customizable shutoff timer that can be adjusted from 5 minutes up to 6 hours.

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