Gold Volcano Vaporizer Review & Test Drive

If C-3PO and Storz & Bickel had a baby, it would be the 20th Anniversary Commemorative Gold Volcano. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one and put together this Gold Volcano Vaporizer review.

Being that the Gold Volcano is simply the Volcano Classic wrapped in real, solid gold plating around the cone, we knew what to expect in terms of vapor quality. In our original Volcano Classic review from 2009 we loved everything about it and that still applies to the Gold.

No doubt about it, the Gold Volcano is a piece of desktop art. Personally, I’m not a fan of gold but the shiny metallic finish is pretty slick. Which brings me to my only real gripe, aside from the cost, it smudges much easier than the brushed finish of the Volcano Hybrid or Classic. So…we’re talking first-world problems here – “Oh woe is me! I must polish my GOLD vaporizer!” But it seems like any microfiber cleaning cloth makes easy work of eliminating annoying fingerprints.

What do you get for 599 of your hard-earned dollars? Right off the top, you’re paying a $120 premium for the real gold finish. Other than bragging rights, you’re also getting everything you need to get started, which includes:

Filling Chamber
Cleaning Brush
Extra Screens + Pieces
Ready-to-Go Easy Valve Bags (4)
Replaceable Easy-Valve (Cost Effective & Environmentally Friendly)
Extra Air Filters
Acrylic Grinder
Welcome To The Family Materials
Volcano Classic Bible
Quick Start Guide

Is it worth it? With the Volcano Classic topping out at $479, it’s truly a matter of preference. If you’re a Volcano super-fan, it’s definitely an exciting conversation piece, but the extra money is purely for aesthetics. The inner workings are exactly the same as the reliable Classic we’ve all grown to know and love.

Because the design is damn near perfect, the Volcano Classic has barely changed over the last 20 years because it just hasn’t had to. It’s easy to maintain, there’s a simple switch to warm up the device, and another simple switch to force the warm air through to the bag.

Personally, I’ve had the Volcano Classic for over 16 years. It has been dropped, dented, bruised, and the switches have been replaced, but still works like the first day out of the box. Outside of replacing the switches, there’s been nary a problem with it, after considerable use.

The 20th Anniversary Gold Volcano Edition is ready-to-go out straight out of the box, great for beginners and pros alike. Getting started is as easy as plugging it in, flipping the switch to turn it on and turn it up. My personal preference is between 5-6. As it heats up, get ready to vape some herb!

You’ll need the chamber, a new bag to fill, and the mouthpiece. There’s no need to off-gas before your first use or clean with isopropyl alcohol. If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate how quickly you can take your Volcano for a spin. Always use a finely and consistently ground herb to maximize the efficiency of your burn. Loosely fill the chamber, covering the entire screen. How deep you pack the chamber is a matter of personal preference. Consistency is key, so I typically pack it pretty full to avoid loose herb, which reduces the density of your vapor. Again, we want even, consistent heating.

The chamber sits right on top of the cone. Place the bag on top. Flip the switch to heat it up, push the air, and fill your bag! Since the Classic Gold Volcano is a nod to the original Classic, this is a bag-only operation. If you want the flexibility of the bag OR the whip, check out The Volcano Hybrid for the best of both worlds.

Did you pony-up for a Gold Volcano? Did you like our Gold Volcano Vaporizer review? We want to know! Drop your comments below.

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