How to Buy Used Volcano Vaporizers

Finally ready to pull the trigger and get yourself a Volcano vaporizer but feeling a little nauseous after seeing the prices? It’s easy to be lured by hugely-discounted vaporizers on sites like Craigslist or eBay, but the disappointment of finding out you’ve purchased a counterfeit – or even worse, you’ve been scammed – is a very real risk.

What do we suggest? Either buy open-box from a reputable dealer or save 20% off a new Volcano using code VTIPS20 at checkout.

How is open-box different from used?

While the packaging of an open-box item may show some wear and tear, you’ll be happy to know that open-box items look and feel new 99.99% of the time. Since most of us don’t buy products for the box they come in, this usually isn’t a big deal.

An open-box item is most often a demo model from a retail store or an unused return. Sometimes the product has never even been turned on, but rather was merely removed from its packaging and therefore can’t technically be sold as “brand new.”

This can be comforting if you feel a little icky about the thought of using a used vaporizer even if it has been thoroughly cleaned.

Where can you find open-box Volcano vaporizers?

If you’re going to buy an open-box Volcano, we suggest checking out our friends over at

Established in 2013 and based in the United States (Florida), Vapes and Parts prides itself on top-notch customer service, same-day shipping, and what we care about most – quality vapes and parts at prices that don’t break the bank. In addition to desktop vapes, you can also buy portable vaporizers from Vapes and Parts, too!

If you’re still unsure about buying a Volcano vaporizer that isn’t brand new, you’re in luck! You can get 20% off a new Volcano of your choice here. Just enter VTIPS20 at checkout!

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