No, You Still Cannot Buy the Volcano on Amazon – We Tried

It’s been awhile since we first published our article breaking the news to you that you can’t buy the Volcano vaporizer on Amazon, and some of you have been wondering if anything’s changed.

Unfortunately, no. Nothing has changed. You still cannot buy the Volcano on Amazon*.

*In the United States

We tried

Because it would be epic news if we ever could buy the Volcano on Amazon, we do keep a look out and check every once in awhile. We check for the Volcano itself, and we check for parts. But selling any piece of the product is against Amazon’s hoity-toity guidelines.

Not that people aren’t trying — look at these clever tricks with the title to try and evade detection:

volcano parts for sale on Amazon

I don’t know how long these sorts of listings stay up before Amazon gets privy to them. And I don’t know what sort of penalty the seller’s account receives when they get caught. I don’t pay much attention because honestly I’d rather buy my parts from reputable sellers like anyway. Not only would I be leery that the parts from Amazon could be knockoffs (and then good luck trying to open a support ticket with Amazon to get a refund!) but I’d also wonder if the parts were used or damaged or otherwise subpar.

You’ve heard us say it before: always go with a reputable retailer for vaporizers, parts, and accessories.

Why can’t you buy vapes on Amazon?

Amazon, like Apple and other big, fancy companies, has jumped on the bandwagon with the idea that vaping is dangerous to our health. Does Jeff Bezos care about our health? Heck no. Does he care about the liability of selling certain products? Yes.

List of prohibited products on Amazon

So my guess would be that it’s for liability reasons only that Amazon won’t sell vape products. With Amazon being so accessible to children, it does make sense. How many of you leave your Amazon account signed in and have a kid smart enough to make a One-Click purchase? Plus, vape retailers have to have that “Are you 21 or older?” popup when you enter their site, and I could see Amazon not wanting to annoy or scare their customers off with something like that given that none of their other products for sale require an age restriction.

With all that, the fact that you can even buy this weed-related book on Amazon still mystifies me a bit.

Even if you could buy vapes off Amazon…

But here’s the thing in 2021. Even if you could buy vapes on Amazon, soon you wouldn’t be able to have them delivered. With the recent ban on shipping vape related products coming into full effect over the next month, shipping companies like UPS, USPS, and FedEx are halting all shipping of these products for the foreseeable future.

Amazon has its own delivery drivers, but does use some of these other shipping companies as well. And of course seller-fulfilled shipments will use these companies. So even if you could buy it, you couldn’t get it delivered to you.

Actually, if Amazon was willing to jump through the shipping restriction hoops that are scaring off the other shipping companies, they could start selling vaporizers — all Amazon-fulfilled and shipped by their own drivers — and dominate the market. Not saying this will ever happen. But it would be a way to tap into an entire market that is essentially shutting down otherwise.

So there it is and there it shall likely remain. You still cannot buy the Volcano Vaporizer on Amazon. If you are in the market and shopping before the vape shipping ban takes full effect, you can still buy the Volcano at We’ve been recommending you stock up on all your other parts and supplies while you can, too. Unfortunately, it just won’t be from Amazon.


  1. Jodi Degeorge on April 23, 2022 at 12:03 am

    But you can buy a silicone grinder mold, and weed leaf ashtray mold to make your own smoking accessories on Amazon !!!!
    Hey, do they make a silicone Volcano mold ?

  2. Barbara Miller on October 18, 2021 at 4:40 pm has been selling all S&B vaporizers for many years.

    • Vapormaster on October 18, 2021 at 7:22 pm

      Good to know! Our buying audience is primarily in the US and that’s who this is geared to, but we’ll update the article accordingly.

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