The $1200 Volcano

It’s the 20th anniversary of the Volcano Vaporizer, and Storz & Bickel is celebrating with a bang. They’ve launched a brand new, exclusive, limited edition, very fancy Volcano. And they aren’t even featuring it prominently on their website, that’s how exclusive this is.

First of all, it’s gold. (Not to be confused with the Classic Volcano Gold Edition, which is priced comparably to the standard Classic Volcano at a respectable $599. It features a 24-karat gold plated cone. Check out our Gold Volcano Vaporizer Review for more info.)

But no, this new gold Volcano is in a league of its own. It’s plated with 24-karat gold not just on the cone but on various parts throughout the machine. We’re talking the filling chamber inserts, the screens, and parts on the hot air outlet. The front of the device features all black switches for a very sleek appearance. The Classic Gold Edition has the standard red and green switches and these black ones are far more attractive.

It’s safe to say this is the most beautiful Volcano I have ever seen.

Oh, did I mention it’s 999 Euros? What’s that in US dollars, you ask? $1,210.89.

Now that you’ve picked yourself up off the ground I’ll continue: It also features engravings of the founders’ signatures and the S&B logo. If you ask me, for $1,200 they should custom engrave YOUR signature and YOUR logo. But what do I know.

You also get some fun extras like a special anniversary t-shirt, a signature pin, and a copy of an S&B documentary on a golden USB stick. And of course the packaging is all very sleek and expensive looking.

The other thing about this Volcano is it is Strictly Limited: they are only making 100 of them. That means if you want to be one of the few who has one, you’d better act fast. For all I know they will sell out by the time this post goes up. With all the Volcano users in the world, 100 is very scarce. But I also can’t think of a single person aside from maybe Kanye who could justify buying this thing.

What do you think — is this incredible device worth it?



  1. Turk b on December 8, 2020 at 1:06 pm

    ..have a digit.and a hybrid..that’s enough for me.

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