New Limited Edition Storz & Bickel Volcano, Crafty+, and Mighty+

Earlier this week one of the leading brands in vaporizers, Storz & Bickel, released three new products we’re excited about. We’ve always loved S&B products for their top-notch performance, and we appreciate the brand for their dedication to high quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. This new release is guaranteed to deliver no less than what we expect from this high end brand.

In a statement about this highly anticipated release, S&B’s founder, Jürgen Bickel, said, “We’re raising the bar for the industry once more with an innovative approach to an iconic lineup, featuring the entirely new Volcano model alongside upgrades to the most sought-after handheld vaporizers to deliver what connoisseurs and collectors value most: an unmatched vaporization experience.”

Let’s dive into the details.

limited edition volcano onyx hybrid and classic vaporizersLimited Edition Volcano

Of course the product everyone is most jazzed about is this new, limited edition Volcano. It’s called the Volcano ONYX and it’s pretty sweet. It’s available in both the Volcano Hybrid and Volcano Classic models, and features a sleek black exterior with an awesome matte finish. It even has an additional powder coating that makes it damage-resistant, so it’s perfect for those who are expecting to use this device for years to come.

new limited edition crafty+ on city backgroundEnhanced Crafty+

We’re big fans of the Crafty. Our first impression review talks about how it gives the most consistent clouds we’ve ever had from a portable vape. And this new enhanced version of the Crafty+ sounds like a definite upgrade, with more efficient charging that cuts the charging time by 25 minutes! And they’ve upgraded the filling chamber to be ceramic-coated, to increase its longevity against scratches and damage, because they know this will be your go-to portable.

first-ever mighty+ portable vaporizerFirst-Ever Mighty+

We’ve called the Mighty the Cadillac of Portable Vapes for a reason: this luxury vape has excellent vapor quality and air flow in a portable yet hefty size. And now Storz & Bickel have brought us a Mighty+ edition. It has super-charge functionality, a Superbooster temperature setting, and heats up faster than the original. And like the Crafty+ it has that ceramic-coated filling chamber to protect against damages. And, one thing we felt the original Mighty was lacking was that it couldn’t stand up on a table; the Mighty+ has little feet on the bottom to solve this issue!

When Can You Buy the Limited Edition Storz & Bickel Products?

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  • Available NOW – Volcano ONYX
  • Available Sept 16th – Crafty+
  • Available Sept 23rd – Mighty+

These vaporizers are limited edition and only available while supplies last! So if you or someone on your holiday list wants these collector’s models, get ’em now!


  1. Kyle on September 24, 2021 at 6:26 pm

    I need one of these! Had a classic for over 10 years just stopped working. Loved that thing. Can’t wait for this to drop!!

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