OTTO Herb Grinder Review

The OTTO is a high end electric grinder by The Banana Brothers. It attaches to a cone filling tool to fill your cones directly, and it can also be used as a regular grinder by attaching it to a funnel.

The best thing about the OTTO is that it makes filling cones easy and consistent. Normally filling cones is messy and it’s hard to get all the flower in there, but with the OTTO, you can grind directly into your cone, which makes it not only easy but efficient in terms of clean up.

How it works

The top piece is an electronic, smart grinder, with two aluminum grinder plates. The grinder is able to analyze how much resistance there is from your herb, which tells it how well ground your material is so far. It stops by itself when the grinding is complete. In all our testing of this device, it produced consistent, finely ground herb every time.

The best joints in the house

The material you will end up with will be so perfectly and evenly ground, and there will be no air pockets in your cone. This gives you an evenly packed cone, with a nice and smooth burn.

If you’re not very experienced with rolling joints, but are looking to impress your friends, this grinder will serve you very well. By using this device you can show up at the party and have the best smoking joints in the house.

What about when you’re not rolling cones, but using a vaporizer instead? Here’s where you’ll use the funnel that attaches right onto the grinder. From here you can grind directly into your rolling tray. This is also a perfect option if you want to grind a bunch in advance.

Is it worth it?

The OTTO herb grinder will get you some awesome cones and perfectly consistent, finely ground herb for your vaporizer, but it comes at a hefty price of $125. It’s a well-built machine that seems high quality and high end, and it does all that it claims to do. This piece is a great investment if you’re looking to refine the quality of your cones and vaping experience. We rolled 20 perfect cones in a single battery use, so OTTO gets two thumbs up from us so far.

Overall Rating: 10/10

10 Star Rating


The OTTO is a high end electric grinder that grinds herb directly into your cones, as well as works as a regular grinder for vaporizer use.


  • Makes filling cones easy and consistent
  • Fills cones directly for less mess
  • Works for vaporizer use as well


  • More expensive than basic grinders



  1. Michael Ferguson on January 4, 2023 at 7:32 pm

    Great product Mine broke within a month. Still under warranty. Emailed customer service OMG you need to provide DNA to get a replacement. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!

  2. Spydy on September 22, 2021 at 9:01 am

    I can grind and pack 5 in 8 mnts by the time he did all that. I ven burn one

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