What You Need to Know About The ArGo

The ArGo is one of Arizer’s best vaporizers, hands down. This is due to its portability, size, durability, and remarkable battery life for its size. Let’s get into more details:

Anytime, anywhere

The ArGo is small enough to fit in your palm. Pocket-sized and inconspicuous, it also comes with pre-loadable stems. Its batteries can be removed and interchanged, and the push top is glass protected. You couldn’t be more prepared for an outside vaping session if you tried.

Advanced Battery Capabilities

ArGo’s batteries truly live up to the quality of the product. They’re high capacity, rechargeable batteries that can handle USB charging. In fact, you can even vape with the ArGo while you’re charging it!

Quality Vaping

With the ArGo screen interface, you can customize your sessions just the way you want to. After you’ve done that, you won’t have to wait long to start your session. This is because of how quickly the ArGo heats up.

Once your session has begun, you’ll notice an incredible amount of flavor, and this is mostly because of ArGo’s all-glass vapor path. This allows for an isolated air path, resulting in the pure and thick clouds that everyone’s talking about.

Is ArGo The Best In Its Class?

Arizer assures us that their components are of the highest quality, and that no other competitors can match the performance and convenience of the ArGo. But is this true?

To find out, we looked at what everyone is saying about ArGo. We looked at 13 reviews on ArGo’s page, as well as a blog review of the product, and then compiled the most important takeaways from customers’ experiences.

arizer argo

What Are People Saying About The Arizer ArGo?


  • pure vapor
  • great flavor at all states even when material is roasted
  • nice, smooth, tasty vapor


People also remarked that this product is discreet. Seeing how small the ArGo is, this goes without saying.


Portability was mentioned often.

  • An improvement from the Air 1 because it can fit into your pocket during your daily commute
  • You can always carry it with you
  • Compact

Easy To Clean

It was mentioned that this product needed very little cleaning even with daily use.


There were many comments regarding the impressive durability of this small vaporizer:

  • Can drop on concrete floor
  • Strong
  • Can drop on hard floors more than 5 times
  • Can drag it around outdoors
  • Extremely tough and almost impossible to hurt


  • After using this product, had no more coughing, unlike with smoking
  • Helped some quit smoking completely


Arizer’s claims about their product were echoed in customers’ reviews:

  • Quick heat up
  • Faster to use
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to get the hang of packing it

Customer Service

Finally, if anyone is unsure about how trustworthy Arizer is (first time customers), then reading the reviews will be reassuring for you. Here’s what people had to say:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Great warranty
  • They stand behind their products
  • Very responsive


The only cons we found were minor issues that were mentioned by an independent blogger. He said:

  • Having a glass stem in your pocket isn’t always a good idea
  • It averages 90 minutes on a full charge, which is great for a device this size, but it takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge it from dead. He recommended picking up a couple extra batteries and an external charger.
  • Produces some warmer temperatures because of the shorter vapor path, but extended stems are available as well. The temperature isn’t all that bad though.
  • Average heat up time around 60 seconds, which is pretty slow by today’s standards
  • Draw resistance is about average – not free flowing like some other products on the market

However, his conclusion and ours is that these minor cons don’t outweigh how awesome this device is. With ArGo, you’ll get everything you need in a small pocketable device.


One other con might be the price, which one person said is more expensive than other products on the market, but then he followed it up with “but you get what you pay for.” Indeed. ArGo provides a complete experience that’s perfect for most vapers out there, especially those who are on the go a lot.