Summit by Vapium Review


It’s a cold snowy winter here in the northeast USA, so what better time to test vaporizers for use outdoors in the cold winter weather. We’ll be reviewing a new addition to the vaporizer collection…

The Summit by Vapium was just released to serve the needs of skiers, snowboarders and other outdoor winter enthusiasts. Durable and reliable, our initial testing is very impressive.

  • Super fast 45 second warm up at room or interior pocket temp.
  • Magnetic tethered chamber lid.
  • Rubberized grip
  • Dead simple operation.
  • Vibrates when ready.

We’ll be continuing to compare this to our standby trailside vapes, the Pax and the Crafty, but the Summit looks like it’s going to be rising up the ranks.

Updated: like many other owners, we experienced battery issues with both our units after a short time. It looks like Vapium may have folded in the meantime, so you’re advised to seek other vapes.