A Bubbler for Your Joints and Blunts

The Martian Blunt Bubbler by MJ Arsenal is a nifty little tool for when you decide to smoke instead of vape. As simple as it gets, this small borosilicate glass bubbler is perfectly sized for rolled items. Let’s face it – sometimes you need to skip the vaporizer and just smoke a fatty! When you do, the Martian is your friend.

It Works!
It’s surprisingly effective given how little water it holds. You will quickly notice it filtering tar from the smoke as it gets dirty fast. Your lungs will appreciate how much smoother your smoke is when filtered through this bubbler.

Dead Simple
Fill 1/3 with clean water. Roll fatty. Insert into bubbler. Toke away.

Keep it Clean
You’ll find this needs a wash every 3 uses or so. Soak in isopropyl alcohol and rinse to restore to new.

At this time, the Martian Blunt Bubbler can be yours for $24.99.