Davinci IQ Review

*Update: The IQ has been replaced with the new and improved DaVinci IQ2 dry herb vaporizer!*

The folks at DaVinci sent us one of their new IQ dry herb vaporizers to review. Recently while traveling and away from our trusty Volcano, we were able to put the vaporizer through it’s paces and see how it performs for our DaVinci IQ review.

You’ve Come a Long Way
My first experience with DaVinci was their Ascent vaporizer, and I did not care for it. Never lost it’s new plastic smell and taste and was awkward to load. So I’ll admit I entered this experience with low expectations. Upon unboxing the IQ though it became clear that DaVinci is now making some quality hardware.

Elephant in the Room
This thing is spendy. At $274.99 the DaVinci IQ is a big purchase for many. One place this vaporizer really shines is in the length of the warranty – 10 years! With that sort of warranty coverage in mind, the high price seems a little more reasonable. Still, it’s about 10% more than the PAX3 – which also has a 10 year warranty.

Loading and Unloading
I love the funnel shaped chamber entrance that makes it easy to load on the go. The IQ’s “pearl” is a sphere attached to the lid of the chamber. It pushes the herb in and distributes heat. OK, sounds good – but the thing always seems like it’s ready to fall off.

Easy to Use – Fast to Heat
You can jump right in and use the vape without the app. Just hold the power button down to turn it on and you’ll be vaping in less than 20 seconds. Haptic feedback lets you know when it’s done pre-heating, and a nifty light display lets you know the status.

Smooth and Tasty Vapor
We’ve been really impressed with the quality of the vapor produced by the DaVinci IQ. The vapor path is almost all ceramic zirconia except for the silicon mouthpiece. The IQ is best suited to shorter hits, it tends to leave you wanting if you try and take a monster hit.

Hot and Noisy
The IQ will get warm during extended sessions and can get uncomfortable to hold without the sleeve accessory installed. It also makes a crackling electric noise during it’s heating cycle (which is normal), and the haptic feedback is pretty noisy.

Keeping it Classy
The packaging design is top notch, and unboxing this vape is like Christmas morning. DaVinci also thoughtfully includes a bunch of accessories, one of which is a keychain chamber stirrer and a can to store your herbs in.

What’s it Good For?
This is a great portable stealth vape for the dry flower enthusiast on the go who appreciates flavorful vapor. It’s never going to perform like a desktop vape, but will keep you going when you’ve got to leave the heavy artillery at home.

What Do You Think?
Have experience with this vape? Leave your DaVinci IQ review below in the comments!


  1. Carl on January 22, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    Hey this is about a post you made about a year ago. It won’t let me comment on there so I’m writing here.

    You tested the strength of ABV after using temp of 6 on the volcano and a series of bags. I’m curious what the amount of THC would be if you used a higher temperature, like 7, 8 and 9. Any thoughts?

    • Vapormaster on February 26, 2019 at 8:04 am

      Stay tuned, as a follow up is in the works. Thanks!