Davinci Miqro Review

The good people at DaVinci sent us one of their new Miqro dry herb vaporizers to review. During a recent trip, and away from our trusty Volcano, we were able to thoroughly test the new vaporizer for our DaVinci Miqro review.

New and Mostly Improved

DaVinci’s new Miqro is their latest handheld device and is mostly improved over the predecessor DaVinci IQ. There are pros and cons to each device, which will be addressed in an upcoming comparison video/blog.

More Stuff, Smaller Price

At a price of $199.00 the DaVinci Miqro is about $75 less than the previous model (IQ). This price also includes more accessories, including an extra battery! More stuff at a smaller price, now you are speaking my language DaVinci.

Loading and Unloading

We still love the funnel shaped chamber entrance that makes it easy to load on the go. The Miqro’s “pearl” is a sphere attached to the lid of the chamber. It helps to pack the herb in and distributes heat. The pearl is good in theory but the thing always seems like it’s ready to fall off.

Mostly Easy to Use – Some Reading Required

You can jump right in and use the vape, kind of. Press the power button five times and the unit will begin heating up in one of the auto modes. However, you will probably need to read the manual in order to switch modes, dim the display, and more.

Vapor That Is Smooth and Tasty/Tasteless

We are impressed by the quality of the vapor produced by the DaVinci Miqro. The vapor path is all ceramic zirconia (except for the silicon mouthpiece). This material is tasteless/odorless and does not interfere with the natural flavors that you are vaping. We think that shorter hits are better than longer, but feel free to do your own research.

Hot – Too Hot?

During extended sessions the Miqro will get hot, almost uncomfortably hot. The included sleeve helps, just don’t leave behind.

Class Up The … Wazoo

DaVinci knows packaging. The design of the packaging and the presentation is classy and professional. The Miqro also includes lots of great accessories, including a storage can for herbs and an extra battery.