Firefly Portable Vaporizer

firefly_web_red_1I’ve had my cherry red Firefly for a week now, and just took it on a short trip.

The Vapor
Awesome. By varying technique you can get whatever type of vapor your heart desires. It seems to be very efficient and extracts impressively. I hold the button down, wait for orange glow and start slow long draw, letting off the button about half way through.

The Unit / Build Quality
This thing is a Cadillac and will turn heads wherever it goes. The fit and assembly are excellent. It’s heavy in the hand. The magnetic lid snaps shut strong and authoritatively. Ergonomically it leaves a little to be desired for.

Using the Thing
I’m filling the chamber just up to the rim with loose medium grind material and stir occasionally with a toothpick. I do wish I could shake it like the MFLB but the chamber is just too small on this. I find that material gets stuck to the porthole on top and it seems this will require more frequent cleaning. If I was planning on using this for all my vaping needs, I think keeping it clean and tidy might get old fast.

Battery Life
Excellent. No complaints. Although the bar was really low for me after using peeled re-chargable AAs in the MFLB. I really like the perfect fit of the battery. It’s a shame you can’t use it tethered to the power adapter. That disqualifies this as a traveling party piece.

Customer Service
Firefly customer service has been nothing but responsive and friendly. I have full confidence in the advertised warranty.

Bottom Line
This is a very nice and capable portable vaporizer, that to me is everything I wished the MFLB would become. This will definitely replace the MFLB as my go to travel piece and supplement the Volcano occasionally. The product design is beautiful, and the construction seems built to last.

Would I Buy It Again?
In a heartbeat.

Buy The Firefly for $269.95

Buy The Firefly for $269.95


  1. Robert Pierce on October 3, 2014 at 1:45 pm

    I.’ve had my Firefly for 3 months and now it stopped charging after charging the battery I have to take the battery out and put it back in in order for it to work Now it’s hardly working at all