Flower Mill Herb Grinder Review

We’ve all tried different grinders on our herb, and they largely provide the same result. Some offer a finer or coarser setting, or a catch chamber. But what about the difference between how they grind your material? Our review of the Flower Mill grinder breaks it all down for you.

Flower Mill USA is a brand that makes an herb mill. It mills the herb rather than grinding or shredding it. In theory, this results in a fluffier consistency, and it’s gaining quite the following.


Difference between using a mill and a grinder for herb

According to the Flower Mill website, their product “progressively crumbles your herb where it naturally wants to break apart, [which] results in consistent and fluffy herb.”

Depending where you fall on the perfectionist scale, this difference may sound crucial or may sound like a gimmick. We put the mill to the test to see if it really does make a noticeable difference.

The way it works is by rolling your flower across the milling screen — basically roughing it up a bit so that it breaks apart at its weakest points where it’s most likely to break naturally. Do this enough times and it becomes finer and finer until you’re left with a beautifully milled product ready to roll or vape.

The other difference between the Flower Mill and other grinders is that with the Flower Mill you can put in the whole herb including the stem, whereas with some others you need to de-stem it first or even pregrind it a bit so you’re starting with a smaller amount of material in the grinder. The benefit of putting in the whole thing is that you can get it all done at once, and store any left over in the grinder ready to go for next time. However, if you value having your herb freshly ground right before use, then this ability won’t matter to you.


Appearance and style options

The Flower Mill comes in a 3-piece and 4-piece version (the 4-piece includes a keif catch), and in two materials: stainless steel and aluminum. The stainless steel is a shiny silver color while the aluminum is a black anodized material. The outer case is black aluminum regardless of which interior metal you choose.

The benefit of the aluminum is that it’s a lighter weight material. This makes the fully aluminum versions the slightly more travel-friendly choice, but the stainless steel isn’t far off and both weigh more than I was expecting based on their size. The Flower Mill is small and can easily be taken with you regardless. The benefit of the stainless steel is that there is some evidence which suggests that devices made with aluminum can have an impact on our health, so for those concerned, the food-grade stainless steel is a great option.

The lid of the outer case has a magnetic closure and features the signature flower logo in silver. It’s a stylish case with a simple design that looks attractive on your desk or shelf. I appreciate that they only used their logo instead of some big, obnoxious text. It also leaves those unfamiliar with the Flower Mill unaware of what this device is.

It comes with a standard plate which will give you a nice medium coarse mill texture. If you want something finer, you can buy the expansion pack which offers 3 plates of varying coarseness which are all 3 finer than the standard one included with the Flower Mill.


Performance and ease of use

The mill is simple to use. First, pop off the lid and load your material. Remember, you can put the whole flower in there, including the stem, so this part literally couldn’t be easier. Next, put the lid back on and very gently push it down while twisting it. This rubs the flower against the milling screen to break the flower apart.

The Flower Mill works surprisingly quickly — only a few quarter turns will do it for a small amount of flower — and it provides an even result. A consistent grind is key to getting a smooth draw so the performance of this grinder is spot on to give you a good experience every time.

The toothless design means an easier cleanup, and this thing is super easy to take apart, too. I like that I can fit more material in there if I want, and that the case can double as an attractive storage case. And it just works so simply and effortlessly, it sort of makes traditional grinders seem obsolete.

flower mill 3-piece aluminum


But is it worth it?

There’s no doubt that the Flower Mill provides an even, consistent, and beautifully fluffy herb that you will love. The device itself is attractive, simple, and so quick and easy to use. I really have no negatives to share. Until we get to the price.

The 4-piece Flower Mill comes in at a whopping $100. That is a lot of cash to shell out for such a small, simple device. For how simple it is, you’d really think it’s overpriced. But, the result it produces is just so fantastic, I see why it’s gaining traction in the cannabis community as people’s new go-to grinder.

So it really all comes down to how particular you are about the quality of the material you use. If whether your flower is milled or traditionally ground makes a noticeable difference to you, then you will be pleased with your purchase. If you’re a more casual user who can get by with weed ground any which way, then by all means skip this one.

As for my review, I’m impressed by the Flower Mill and will likely reach for it over my other grinders for the foreseeable future. If you have any questions about our Flower Mill grinder review – contact us in the comments below.

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Overall Rating: 10/10

10 Star Rating


The Flower Mill grinder is attractive, easy to use, and produces exceptionally fluffy and consistent herb.


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Attractive design
  • High quality materials
  • Produces evenly ground herb with nice texture


  • On the pricier side
  • Finer screens require separate purchase


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