Furna Vaporizer Review

This week, I’m updating our review of a dry herb vape I recently tried for the first time, Furna. Furna hails from Canada and is a “revolutionary new approach to portable vaporizing”. Well, a friend and I put that claim to the test and here’s what we thought of their portable dry herb vaporizer:

Interchangeable Ovens: Dry Herb and Concentrate

What CAN’T this vaporizer vape?! It’s the Swiss army knives of vapes and we’re here for it.

What makes the Furna vaporizer stand out from others is that it comes with two interchangeable ovens. While most vapes only come with one oven, this vape is already ahead of the crowd simply for including more parts, which is more bang for your buck.

What I was initially super pumped about was that I thought it comes with one dry herb oven and one concentrates oven, so you can be all set with preloaded ovens for both, depending on your mood. But turns out it comes with two dry herb ovens and the concentrate oven is a separate purchase. This makes it pretty similar to the PAX III.

Furna does have a concentrate starter kit option with one concentrate oven. So you could get that and an extra dry herb oven, and then you’d have both. They also have ovens for 510 oil cartridges, letting you easily screw in a 510 cart.

The PAX requires a $50 insert for concentrates, while the Furna requires a $36 oven for concentrates. If Furna gave you an option when you order of choosing your oven types (either two dry, two concentrates, or one of each), they’d be way ahead here.

For those who are only into dry herb anyway, the double oven can still be beneficial. You can pack two at once and you’re all set for multiple sessions. Then when it’s time to clean them you can get them both done in one go. Personally I like to switch things up, but I’ll still enjoy using both ovens for dry herb just because having two all ready is so convenient for frequent users.

When it comes time to switch between ovens, that’s super easy. And whatever’s left of your material in the first oven is just ready to go when you want it again. A nice detail I noticed is that each oven has a different colored ring around the top, so when you go to use your Furna after a few days you don’t forget which oven has which material in it.

Design and high quality materials

The trend in vape design today is small, sleek, and discrete, with minimal bells and whistles, and the Furna is no exception. The display is fun with a kind of retro dot look to it. Its exterior is an attractive matte black and the only color on it is on the nibs to distinguish one oven from the other, which you can only see a little bit of at the mouthpiece once its all assembled.

There’s five bright color options for the nibs, but that’s only when you buy the separate nib pack. Like with the oven types, I don’t see anywhere to select your preferred two colors when you buy the vaporizer.

Furna’s oven is made with stainless steel, which is a common material in higher end vapes. What this gives you is a fast and even heating of your material. Hits were smooth and good tasting. The concentrates oven has a ceramic plate which your material heats on directly, which is a nice touch as well.

Ease of use

As an experienced vape user, I found the Furna to be one of the easier vapes to use. It’s simple, it’s straightforward, and it’s designed with ease for the user in mind. I found the setup really easy to do. Packing in the material was clean and left minimal mess. I appreciate that they include a little funnel for that. And I like their push and twist top to seal it all in there.

Vaping concentrate is just as easy. Load your concentrate of choice into the concentrate oven, keeping it under the fill line. Then turn it on, and enjoy even more potent vapor. Cleaning the concentrate oven is a breeze, the heater can easily be popped out using the provided multi-tool.

Using the 510 oil cartridge oven is even simpler, you just screw a 510 cartridge into the base of the oven.

A newbie’s perspective

I tried the Furna with a friend who is new to vaping. It took her maybe 15 minutes to really get the hang of it. She said it was hard for her to know how much she was inhaling with each hit. I get that. Hard to say if similar style vapes would have given her that same experience, probably so. But worth noting if you plan on gifting this to someone who’s brand new to the vape game.

She did say that overall she liked it, even though it took some getting used to. She also liked the size of it and said it was comfortable for her to use and fit nicely in her smaller hands.


Battery life

The battery life was decent and one thing that helps with that is that it goes idle after awhile of not using it. This is also good because it doesn’t burn up your flower unnecessarily. When you pick it back up, it detects the motion and heats back up to your pre-set temperature. It vibrates to let you know the heat-up was complete, which I found to be a nice touch so I didn’t have to eye the display while I waited.

Overall impression

Overall this is a great portable vaporizer that offers smooth, tasty hits. It’s sleek and discrete and well designed with high quality materials. It’s versatile if you buy the separate concentrates oven, and it’s super convenient to have multiple ovens packed and ready to go at the same time. Easy of use and battery life are on point and cleanup was easy as well.

You can get the Furna vaporizer with its two dry herb ovens for just under $240, or for just under $275 once you buy the concentrates oven, which puts it priced about average for its features. I’m mainly comparing that with the $250 you’d spend on a PAX III once you buy its concentrates insert. But keep in mind you’re still getting that second dry herb oven with the Furna so you get that additional value for the additional price.

You can also get the concentrate starter kit, which only includes one concentrate oven, and then buy an additional oven of any type.

Price and features aside, what it comes down to is the quality of the experience, and that was a definite win with the Furna.

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Overall Rating: 9/10

9 Star Rating


The Furna is a well designed portable vaporizer that offers smooth hits at an average price for the value.


  • Attractive design, quality materials
  • Tasty experience
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Works with both dry herb and concentrates
  • Includes multiple ovens for multiple ready-to-go sessions


  • Color customization requires separate purchase


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