Magic Flight vs Firefly

vsThe Magic Flight Launch Box, was in my opinion the first portable vaporizer that could fit in your pocket and produce amazing vapor on demand. Since it’s creation, the market has exploded with other pocketable vaporizer options. One recent entrant into the race is The Firefly. In some ways it represents what I wish the Magic Flight could be, but on other points fails in comparison. Here I’ll try to provide comparison of the The Magic Flight vs The Firefly.


  Magic Flight Launch Box The Firefly
Price $119 $269
Type Convection Convection
Construction Wood, Plexiglass Lid, Copper, Metal Screen Stainless Steel, Borosilicate Glass
Vapor Path Wood, Stainless Steel, Copper Stainless Steel, Borosilicate Glass
Battery Rechargeable AAs Device Specific Li-ion
Warranty Lifetime 5 Years
Weight 58.6g / 2oz 279g / 9.8oz


  • Ergonomics. The Launch Box is easy to hold in the palm of your hand discreetly. The Firefly is heavy and the grip leaves a bit to be desired. Winner: Launch Box
  • Vapor Quality. Exceptional from both. After some training, you can consistently pull huge clouds of vapor. Magic Flight includes a nice manual explaining how to use it properly. Firefly doesn’t provide info beyond ‘push button, suck vapor’ . Tie, but Magic Flight wins for documentation.
  • Cleaning. The Launch Box requires close to no cleaning at all. Occasionally you’ll want to use a Qtip dipped in ISO to clean the mouth hole and screen, but it’s amazing how clean it stays. Firefly, not so much. If you’re doing multiple sessions a day, I think you’re going to be cleaning this every few days. It gets messy, and all of a sudden that gorgeous product is not looking so gorgeous. Winner: Launch Box
  • Battery Life. It’s no secret I think the battery situation with the Launch Box stinks. However you can get a power adapter for the Magic Flight which solves this problem at home. Plus the AA batteries are inexpensive and readily available. The Firefly has a slick device specific battery, that lasts longer than the Magic Flight. But once it’s gone you’ve got to plug it in and wait for a charge. You cannot use it while plugged in. This can be a real pain in the rear if you’ve got 2 or more people sessioning. Winner: Launch Box