O2VAPE Flip Ultra Review

UPDATE: 1 year later – this is still the most reliable and solid battery in our house. Our only gripe is the matte black finish flaked off which was messy for awhile but now has a weathered appearance and is no longer shedding flakes of plastic. Regardless we still love this battery and it gets daily use.

Over the past 5 years, I have bought and discarded more 510 threaded vape pen batteries than I care to remember. Unreliable draw to activate versions, cheap pens with rapidly degrading battery life, some fancy magnet attached batteries, gimmicky key fob types – I’ve seen them all.

Recently I had settled on a reliable formula; buy distillate syringes, fill empty CCell TH2 cartridges (watch my video showing you the fastest and easiest way to do so), and use them with the reliable and economical Rokin Mini-Tank battery. This works well but the Rokin only has one voltage setting (3.7v) and it’s just a wee bit too high, which leads to the cart getting clogged before it’s empty. Of course, this is not a deal-breaker and the Rokin is an excellent choice in compact and reliable 510 threaded batteries.

Well, enter O2Vape and their patented Flip ULTRA vape pen. At first, I was skeptical, having been burned by other key fob style vapes. Apparently, the folks at O2 had the same experience and set out to create the key fob style vape pen that they wished existed. I’m happy to report that they succeeded, and the attention to detail is clear in the quality of the product.

The premise is simple and the execution is on point. Your cartridge attaches and folds into the battery, tucked neatly into the side. This gives it the appearance of a key fob for a car. A push of the button on the corner, the cartridge flicks out like a switchblade, and it turns on – ready to go. On the side are two buttons and a small but effective digital display. The button at the top supplies power to the cartridge on-demand and is ergonomically located right where your thumb rests naturally. A second recessed button next to the screen allows you to adjust the temperature in increments of .1v, giving you 21 different heat settings. That’s 7x more than most variable voltage 510 vape batteries that have 3 settings.

We find that CCell cartridges at 3.2v last longer and don’t clog up as quickly. Your mileage may vary, as different oils work better at different temperatures. We’ve been filling our vape cartridges with Sesh distillate syringes from Craft Concentrates. At the lower voltage, you can really get a better terpene flavor profile.

Battery for days! If I was going to be off the grid for the weekend, this is the battery I’d pack. You can easily vape an entire 1g distillate cartridge and beyond without a re-charge. And when it does run out, you can still use it while it’s plugged in and charging. Forgot your USB charger but have an iPhone? You’re in luck because the Flip ULTRA allows you to use either USB or Lightning connection chargers.

I’m also OCD about keeping my cartridges vertical so the oil stays in the bottom of the cartridge. This is easy to maintain with the Flip ULTRA thanks to the flat bottom which allows you to charge while the cartridge stays vertical.

Additional features we don’t use but are nice:

  • Lock mechanism, prevent accidental opening
  • Lanyard/keychain attachment point
  • Puff counter on the digital display

Overall Rating: 9/10

9 Star Rating


In short, this is an attractive, well-built 510 threaded battery with a discreet form factor that is worth the relatively high price ($54.95, includes .5ml empty cartridge). Highly recommended. Save 15% with coupon code VOLCANO 15 at 02Vape.com.


Here's what we like about the O2Vape Flip ULTRA
  • Discreet form factor
  • Solid construction
  • Auto turn off when closed
  • The precise adjustable voltage from 2.7-4.8v
  • Pass-through charging (use it while it charges!)
  • Stands up on both ends (keep your oil at the bottom of the cart)
  • USB or lightning charging cable compatible


  • Solid construction and substantial battery means it's heavier than other batteries.
  • A little spendy if you're used to buying $10 pen batteries at the gas station.
  • Matte black finish flakes off.


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