Vessel Compass Oil Cartridge Battery Review

black vessel compass oil cartridge batteryAs far as Christmas gifts go, getting a temperature adjustable vaporizer is up there as one of those can’t-go-wrong gifts on my list. I was thrilled to receive the Compass Oil Cartridge Battery by Vessel from a friend, and give it a try.


The Compass is teeny tiny, which means it’s discrete for on the go use, and also compact so it doesn’t take up too much room in your pocket or bag. The design is smooth, simple, and attractive. It has rounded edges making it look modern and also easy to slip into your pocket. It comes in 5 earthy colors, and each is black on the other side.

I wanted to love the sleek, compact design, but here’s why I didn’t: I dropped this thing all the time.

I dropped the battery with the cartridge installed within the first 2 hours of owning it, which broke the cartridge. There was broken glass inside the battery. Since it was spanking new, nothing was sticky, and needle nose pliers helped get the cartridge free. However, I continued to drop it again and again. This was not due to negligence on my part, or being clumsy. This doesn’t happen for me with other devices.

I even bruised my foot cushioning its fall. That’s a little too high maintenance if you ask me.

Also because of its round edges, there is no flat edge or base to set it down on to keep it upright. I used the Compass for 4 weeks – and when I dropped it and shattered yet another cartridge, I was done.

Battery & Charging

The Compass comes with a high-capacity, 550mAh lithium-ion battery, with four adjustable voltage settings.

One thing to note here is that it has very specific charging requirements. It can’t be used with a car charger, and whatever charger you use has to be 5V. It comes with a USB charging cable but no USB adapter, so you’ll have to provide one that works with this. There is a charging dock made for it, but it’s sold separately at $35.

That said, because the battery is long lasting, once you get it charged you won’t have to deal with it again for a little bit.

vessel compass oil cartridge battery color choicesEase of Use

It’s very easy to use, and features a large button on the black side of the device. It has three power settings, which correspond to different light colors: low, medium, and high, with colors blue, yellow, and red respectively.

Cartridges are easy to load, and simply screw in. It also has universal threading so it’s compatible with any oil cartridge of your choice. That’s one reason why this would make a great gift, because you don’t have to know what types of cartridges the recipient prefers.

While set up and use are quick and easy, one thing left unknown is how much product is left in your cartridge. There is no visible fill line showing, so it’s sort of a guessing game until it’s empty. That’s one thing I love about the Rokin Mini Tank that I definitely felt was lacking in the Compass.

It also doesn’t come with a lanyard, which would have been a simple thing to include so its absence feels a bit stingy. And last thing to note was the weight of it. For a device this compact it is surprisingly heavy compared to similar devices.

Warranty & Price

It only comes with a 6 month warranty, which is better than nothing but not by much. And given how many times I dropped it already, I definitely don’t see it lasting past 6 months as it is.

Vessel’s Compass comes in at $59.99, which isn’t outrageous especially for such an attractive and compact device. The fact that it can be used with any oil cartridge makes this vaporizer one to shell out a little extra for, verses buying multiple devices to suit different types of cartridges. Plus the fact that the temperature can be adjusted makes it superior to the more basic devices of years past.

But, because of its clear design flaws, I’d have to say you’re better off spending your money on something else. If Vessel comes out with a second generation of the Compass which addresses some of these issues, then that one could be worth keeping an eye out for. This device really had the potential to be great, and I wanted to love it. But between its slippery shape and inability to stand upright, to the details left out like being able to see the cartridge fill line, to the lack of included parts like a lanyard or a charging adapter — what you get just doesn’t measure up to the asking price.


Overall Rating: 6/10

6 Star Rating


The sleek design and adjustable temp control don't make up for its lack of basic features and included accessories, and I've dropped it more times than I can count. Not worth the price, especially with only a 6 month warranty.


  • Sleek design
  • Compact size
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Temperature adjustable


  • Easily dropped
  • No visible cartridge fill line
  • Skimped on accessories included
  • Finicky charging requirements



  1. Mae on August 27, 2023 at 8:27 pm

    Also it doesn’t stand up. It has to be left on its side.

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