Volcano Vaporizer User Reviews, Experiences and Testimonials

Many visitors have sent us their personal testimonials and experiences with the Volcano Vaporizer. Here’s a few from real Volcano owners. Use the comment feature below to share your experience.

“After owning many brands and varieties of lesser quality vaporizers, I finally took the leap and bought a Volcano Classic vaporizer… I haven’t looked back and have no regrets! Being able to accurately control the temperature allows me to get the most out of my herb without any burnt taste. My favorite part is the bag and valve. I can take it with me all over the house, outside on the patio, and if desired save a little for later.

And cleaning is a snap (after reading your instructions : P). And then there’s the butter I can make from my leftovers. My old vaporizers created leftovers that were burnt and made the butter nasty. But my volcano butter is delicious and I think as good as butter from fresh herb!

In short, I love my Volcano Vaporizer, and only wish I had one more for the 2nd floor of the house!”

– Jason W, VT USA

“Hi – just a quick note to let you know – I agree – the Volcano rocks! The best way to vaporize your herb and improve your health! There is no substitute!”

– Jenn G, SFO CA USA

 “Just received my new Volcano Digit vaporizer today. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical and couldn’t believe I was spending so much $ on it. But then I plugged it in and filled my first bag. One hit and I’m sold for life. My friends will think I’m a snob, but I don’t know if I can use one with a whip again. Just too comfortable being able to take my time and not waste any vapors. Thanks again for pointing me direct to the manufacturer.”

– Bridgette, FL USA

“GERMAN ENGINEERING AT IT’S FINEST!!!! Thank You Storz and Bickel! I heart my Volcano Vaporizer!”

– Marc, WA USA


  1. Mike E on February 10, 2012 at 11:56 am

    Before I bought my volcano I had an extensive glass collection of two $300+ bongs, incredibowl, a zong, and a lot of sweet pipes, all which have been given away. I know everyone has that guy who says he’s owned a volcano before, I decided to actually be that guy and it paid off. I smoke half the amount I did before and get twice the affect. And my half the amount I mean $200 a week before the volcano. Overall anyone who is thinking about buying one DO IT