What Is The Right Arizer Product For Me?

With so many great products from Arizer, how do you find the right vaporizer for you?

While Arizer is known for its high quality products, many of them are so similar that you might not be able to decide which one is best for you.

Take for instance the ArGo, the Air 2, and the Solo 2. They are all high quality vaping products. So how do you choose?

This buyer’s guide to Arizer products will give you the answers you’re looking for.

First we’re just going to tell you what each product has in common. Basically, we’re going to narrow down the features of each product until we’re only left with the unique advantages for each different product. Then, we’re going to explain to you who is best suited for each product and why.

arizer all three products

What Defines Arizer Products?

ArGo, Air 2, and Solo 2 all have the following characteristics in common:

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • High quality boro-silicate glass parts
  • All-glass vapor path
  • Can be used while charging
  • Precise digital temperature control
  • Quick heat up
  • Patented hybrid heating
  • Custom session settings
  • High quality ceramic heating element
  • Easy to use and easy to clean

Okay, so now you know that you’ll be getting all of the above from whichever product you choose. Now that just leaves you with a few more things to consider. The following are the features that are unique to each product:

arizer argo


  • Ultimate portability
  • Push-top glass mouthpiece protection
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Interchangeable batteries

arizer air 2Air 2

  • Multi-purpose (for dry herbs and aromatherapy)
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Interchangeable batteries

arizer solo 2Solo 2

  • Multi-purpose (for dry herbs and aromatherapy)
  • High capacity rechargeable batteries
  • DC charging

Who Is The ArGo For?

If you’re someone who likes to go out and vape dry herb, alone or with friends, then this Arizer product is likely the best choice for you.

This device is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. And unlike the other two popular Arizer products, the ArGo is small enough to actually fit comfortably in your pocket.

And if/when you happen to drop it, don’t worry – this little marvel of engineering will keep on chugging along with no issues at all. Several reviewers said that they dropped the ArGo multiple times, on a variety of hard surfaces, and it continued working just fine. And in the event that something should go wrong (unlikely) then ArGo has a fantastic warranty.

And how does the ArGo look in public? Well, Arizer designed the push-top glass mouthpiece so that it can be concealed within the unit itself, making the ArGo very inconspicuous and discrete.

Who Is The Air 2 For?

For those who want the “coolest” vaping session possible, with almost as much portability as the ArGo, then the Air 2 might be for you.

Like the ArGo, the Air 2 allows for micro-USB charging and has interchangeable batteries. The Solo 2 lacks both of these features.

But unlike the ArGo, the Air 2 allows for multi-use vaping, including with dry herbs and aromatherapy.

So with the Air 2, you can enjoy aromatherapy in addition to dry herb vaping, while still being able to fit it into your pocket.

However, just because it can fit, doesn’t mean that it’s as portable as the ArGo (it’s not). The Air 2’s large 3-4 inch glass stem mouthpiece makes it less portable, as well as its larger size.

But if you’re going to be vaping mostly in the house and would like to experience the coolest vapes possible, then the Air 2 might be right for you.

Who Is The Solo 2 For?

As we mentioned earlier, the Solo 2 lacks interchangeable batteries. But it makes up for this in a big way. And we mean that literally, because the Solo 2 is an absolute power house of a vaping machine. It has by far the largest battery out of all Arizer’s products, hence the Solo 2’s larger size.

With the Solo 2, efficiency is king. It has 3 hours of battery life. It also has the fastest heat up time; 30 seconds and it’s ready to use.

So, if you’re addicted to instant gratification and enjoy vaping at home, then you’ll absolutely love the Solo 2.

This device supports aromatherapy and dry herb vaping, so you can try countless kinds of vaping sessions.

And while the Solo 2 is large, it has an ergonomic design, making it ideal for home use. The larger digital display is also a plus. And finally, it’s very easy to clean.


Here’s a summary of our opinions on Arizer’s 3 products.

  • Thanks to its durability and small size, the ArGo is best for those who like to carry their vaporizer in their pockets during their daily commutes. It’s also best for those who don’t want to stand out too much in public.
  • The Air 2 is best for those who want the coolest vaping sessions possible, while having the option of aromatherapy vaping or dry herb vaping.
  • The Solo 2 is best for those who don’t mind its larger size. It’s great for home use because of its battery power and different vaping possibilities, and it’s always possible to just throw it into a backpack if you want to take it outside!