Yocan Hive Review

Known as one of THE most versatile vaporizers on the market, the Yocan Hive is undoubtedly a must-have for those that want to vape on-the-go. Its unique design and affordable price are only the beginning of what the Hive has to offer.

Swap Them Carts

The Yocan Hive features something super unique and innovative: two no-leak* cartridges that each have an atomizer, one for oil and one for wax, that allow for more flexibility when choosing concentrates. These carts are totally swapable and are a 510 threading. This means that the Hive has a universal threading that will fit most cartridges available at dispensaries. However, it’s recommended you only use the carts that come with the Hive. And what’s even better is each cartridge is top-filled making refills a breeze.

*While these cartridges hold up pretty well, they do tend to leak after prolonged use and will need to be replaced.

The Trusted Budget Vape

The Yocan Hive is one of the most affordable vaporizers on the market. Coming in at $34.99 it almost seems wrong to not get one of these just to have a backup vape. It comes with a dab tool, magnetic adapter, two refillable carts, charger, and the Hive itself. That’s a lot of stuff for only 35 bucks!

Filling the Cartridges

This is probably the only part of this vaporizer that can be a little tricky. Getting the actual concentrate into the cartridges does require some level of skill and patience. The hole where the product goes in isn’t very big, so you’ll need to be careful loading the carts.

The solution to this problem (as long as you don’t mind liquid concentrates) is to use the prefilled syringes available at a lot of dispensaries. Just stick the needle part of the syringe into the hole in the top of the cartridge and fill. It’s that easy!

Check out our video where we show you the fastest and easiest way to fill and refill vape cartridges.

Ahhh…The Perfect Temperature

When it comes to vaporizers, it seems that every company is trying to come out with new and crazy ways to turn their vapes on and off and change the temp. Yocan, however, kept it simple and used the traditional 5 clicks to turn on and off making the Hive easy to use for anyone that has used basically any other vaporizer out there.

When to Charge

The Yocan Hive features a light indicator that lets you know what level your battery is at and if it’s time to charge. The indicator light shows these battery levels:

  • 20%-100% White
  • 5%-20% Blue
  • <5% Red

Even with the battery indicator, you’ll find that the Hive’s battery lasts forever and can be used for an entire day’s worth of vaping and still have some juice.

Overall Take

Overall, the Yocan Hive is a great vaporizer that anyone can use. It features two refillable cartridges and can be used to vape oil or wax. Because it has a 510 threading, it can be used in conjunction with all kinds of other cartridges that are available. Also, it’s only $35! That’s a steal in my book!

Pick up yours today. You won’t regret it!