How to Fill & Refill Vape Cartridges

Watch this video to see the fastest and easiest way to fill or refill vape cartridges.

Our favorites are the CCell TH2 Oil Cartridges. They’re refillable, made of ceramic, and offer the best balance between price and performance.

When concentrates are too thick to squeeze into a cartridge, the best solution is to heat them up first. Many people use hot water, which is okay but it’s not ideal because it only heats the syringe, not the cartridge. This means you’re putting warm oil into a cool cartridge, so it’s not going to flow in as easily.

In the video below, we show you our favorite way to heat everything up so you get the warmed oil all the way down to the inlet holes, and even to the ceramic element — with no air bubbles!

You’ll see why these CCell TH2’s are a must have.

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