How to Clean the Volcano Hybrid

If you want to have a great session, you need to be on your cleaning A-game. Can you use the Volcano Hybrid without cleaning it? …Sure. But that’s gross and the flavor you’ll get with be majorly subpar, not to mention the air quality going into your lungs will not be doing you any favors.

Cleaning will never be my favorite part of owning an epic vaporizer, but the experience I get from having one that works at optimal levels makes it worth it!


How to clean the Hybrid’s base

I recommend wiping down the base on your Volcano any time it gets dusty or dirty. This will vary, but basically I just like to keep mine looking nice, so I’ll do this every few weeks.

The base of the Hybrid is nearly identical to the Classic/Digit, minus the external buttons and dials that stick out. Those buttons and dials tended to collect dust around them, so the sleeker design of the Hybrid is great because all you need is a damp cloth to wipe down your machine, with no added attention getting around the crevices of the buttons and dials.


How to clean the Hybrid’s balloon

Moving upward on the Volcano, you’ll see the same Easy Valve balloons on both the Hybrid and the Classic, unless you have been a Solid Valve user on the Classic. The Easy Valve balloons don’t need to be cleaned, so if that’s what you’re using on the Hybrid, you’re looking at pretty minimal maintenance! For tips on how to clean the Solid Valve balloons, check out my other cleaning articles

The valve itself should be cleaned, but that’s easy to do, and again you can read about that in my other articles. 


Do you have to clean the Volcano’s tube/whip?

One thing you might be wondering about is how in the heck you’ll clean that long, skinny tube if you use the tube inhalation method. This was actually a hesitation I had before getting my Hybrid. But it turns out you don’t have to clean it at all! The tube is meant to be used and replaced.

The funny thing is, you’re supposed to replace it every 2 weeks. AND it’s not considered hygienic to share one with someone else. So suddenly we’re looking at buying lots and lots of these tubes, and I almost wish I could just clean them and be done with it.

I love the idea of a maintenance-free system. But unfortunately in the case of the Hybrid, it comes with a cost. A 3-pack replacement set costs $35 and as of now, that’s the cheapest option.


Is it easier to clean the Volcano Hybrid or the Volcano Classic?

While there’s not a huge difference in the amount of time it takes to clean the Classic vs. the Hybrid, the Hybrid is definitely the more low-maintenance of the two. Between not having to clean the tube or Easy Valve balloons, to having a simplified base that only requires a quick wipe-down, your life with the Hybrid will be spent doing better things than cleaning.

And while there are ways to decrease your cleaning time with the Classic (like using the disposable Easy Valve balloons instead of Solid Valve balloons), there’s still that obvious dust build up around the buttons and dials, which after years of use just looks pretty gnarly. 

So if cleaning isn’t your jam and you’re looking for a Volcano vaporizer, do yourself a favor and get the Hybrid. As I said, it’s not a deal-breaker amount of difference in cleaning, but it’s enough that you’ll be glad you made the upgrade.

Cleaning Supplies

Both the Classic and the Hybrid come with a full cleaning kit including a cleaning brush. I recommend you use the included cleaning products until they run out, and then use simple cleaning products you likely already have around the house. Check out the other cleaning articles I’ve written for my step by step cleaning guides. 



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    terrible review!

    • Vapormaster on July 2, 2020 at 7:32 pm

      Sorry you feel that way Neal! To be fair, it’s a how to…. not a review.

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