The Most Common Mistakes We Make When Making Edibles

Edibles. The delicious treat that keeps on giving, am I right? When I first started making edibles, I can’t tell you how many times I not only disappointed myself… but also all the homies I disappointed by giving them “the most fire edibles you’ll ever have” just for them to not be fire at all.

So, to help prevent you from disappointment (along with anyone else you talked your edibles up to) here’s a list of the most common mistakes we make in the kitchen and some tips and tricks to avoid them.

Over-grinding your flower

I get it. I’ve been there. I also thought that the bud I was using needed to be almost a powder-like consistency. Little did I know, I was just making chocolate chip cookies taste like the Earth itself.

Grinding your bud too fine makes it harder to extract. Trichomes are found on the buds and leaves and not IN them as some may think. So, overground bud=less trichomes+more plant material.

If you’re not sure if you’ve over-grinded your buds, the best way to tell is if your extract turns green. Not only that, the taste and smell aren’t all that either.

Oven Temperature

If your oven is too hot, it can cause the components in THC to get broken down and start degrading. You need to respect your flower. This is why “Low and Slow” will be your best friend. To ensure maximum respect and love is going into your bake I suggest not cooking anything with a temp. higher than 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Adding Too Much

You know when you’ve just eaten an edible and then like an hour goes by and you start to feel like a worm and question everything in existence? Ya, same. That my friend is called “over-medicating”. And it’s pretty high up there on the list of mistakes made; if you had to rank them. This is why MEASUREMENTS ARE KEY! Because being a worm and questioning everything isn’t the only thing you have to worry about if you don’t follow measurements.

Not Adding Enough

So at this point, you’re not a worm and you still hold a pretty firm grip on what reality is. If you don’t think your edibles are potent enough wait at least 45-60 minutes before you eat another one. If by the second edible, you’re still not satisfied then you know it’s back to the drawing board to get those measurements down.

Not Decarboxylating Your Bud

Despite popular belief, raw cannabis has ZERO THC so consuming edibles that have not been decarboxylated will only leave you disappointed.

To get the most out of your bud, I suggest decarbing your weed between 220-235 degrees Fahrenheit. (This of course is dependent on the oven model and potency)

Under Mixing

This is one of the mistakes I made the most when I first started making edibles. I was too impatient and just wanted to get whatever it was I was making into the oven.

Take your time while you mix your extract into whatever it is you are making You want to make sure everything is evenly distributed. A helpful tip is to add in your extract slowly and keep a consistent stir.

There’s no such thing as over-stirring so if you’re not sure if it is evenly distributed just keep stirring, stirring, stirring.

Not Following Directions

You would think just winging it or adding a little bit more of something else wouldn’t be that big of a deal, right?

Wrong. So wrong. If only young me knew this.

Maybe you accidentally grabbed salt instead of sugar or added just a little too much water to your batter.

Whatever it is, attention to detail is key. Not only are you going to be unhappy with your results, but it’s also a total waste of product and that’s never fun. I would also suggest not being a worm while prepping for your bake. “Stoner Slip-Ups” is a real thing. Don’t believe me? Then why did you put your sandwich back in the bread bag, Daniel?

Over Squeezing

This is super common, especially if you’re using a cheesecloth to strain everything. Going hulk and trying to squeeze every bit out can cause unwanted plant material in your oil. Be gentle. Let the cheesecloth do most of the work.

Ignoring Portion Size

If we lived in a perfect fairy tale world then we would have 100% THC transfer when making edibles. Sadly we don’t so you can expect only a 50% transfer rate. Calculating your dosage is super important.

So let’s say the world we live in has a success rate of 100% of the THC from the plant being transferred to your edibles, a strain with 20% THC would break down like this:

1 gram of bud = 1000mg dry weight = 200mg THC

If you were making a beginner-sized edible (usually between 5 and 10mg per edible), then 1 gram of herb would make you 20 edibles. But, we don’t live in a world of 100% transfer— So, to make 20 edibles from a 20% THC herb, you’re going to need 2 grams of bud.

There’s no doubt that 700 other mistakes can occur when making edibles. Those are just a few of the many that can. Don’t beat yourself up over a bad edible. With practice, you’ll be the Gordon Ramsey of canna cuisine.

Photo by Margo Amala on Unsplash

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