Vegetable Glycerin Cannabis Infused Gummy Bears

This recipe strives to make stable gummies that are small and portable for micro-dosing on the go.



Gently heat the vegetable glycerin to 180° in a double boiler, or if using the Levo infuser, you can dispense directly from the machine into a measuring cup.

Squeeze juice of two limes through a strainer to get 2 fl oz of lime juice.

Combine lime juice and lemon extract in a measuring cup and slowly and evenly sift packets of gelatin into juice. Use a stiff metal whisk to mix the gelatin into the juice. It will get crazy goopy and thick – be persistent and keep working until mixed. Allow to sit for a minute.

Now add the hot vegetable glycerin to the juice and gelatin and work quickly to thoroughly mix with the whisk.

If you find the gelatin all globbed up inside the whisk, use a butter knife to work it out and into the mixture.

Once the mixture is consistent and clump free work quickly to fill the gummy molds.

Place the molds in a freezer for 30-60 minutes to set.

When firm and set, gummies will pop out of the molds pretty easily.

This recipe fills a cup worth of molds, which is exactly 2 trays of the Modern Gummy molds we used.

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  1. Cannacook on September 21, 2018 at 2:29 pm

    You have to heat gelatin to get it to set, so these instructions should specify adding the gelatin to almost-boiling liquid, or heating it after you’ve added the gelatin.

  2. Joy on May 18, 2018 at 11:29 pm

    This recipe works really well, and I’ve substituted 1 T of sour cherry juice for the lemon extract, and also plan to try orange extract in the future.

    May I point out that those gummy molds in the picture are really cute… and should be reserved for non medicated treats, safe for kids. There are great round, rectangular, or pot leaf shaped molds that can be found easily on Amazon. Please try not to create something that might appeal to kids with cute, childish images when making your medicated treats. Thanks!