How To Rebuild Your Volcano Easy Valve Chamber If It Breaks

I’ve had my Volcano for more than a decade – These things can really last forever! Unfortunately, the little plastic leg on my chamber broke off after taking a tumble off the coffee table. While it still works just fine, the fact that it was broken bothered me, so I decided to buy the replacement parts and fix it myself. One of the great things about Storz & Bickel and the Volcano products is that you can pretty much find any part to replace and fix something yourself.

One thing to note is that it comes with both pieces, so you have to buy the top and the bottom. If you’re only replacing one part, just store away the other in case you ever need to replace that piece, too. However, I just replaced both parts so that everything is brand new. I also bought the rebuild kit that gives me new screens, o-rings, and spring clips that hold the chamber in place on top of the Volcano. One thing to note as you’re breaking everything down – If you didn’t buy the rebuild kit, you can save your o-rings and clips and reuse them (as long as they haven’t lost their spring).

This was a super easy rebuild and took me about 10 minutes.


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