What You Need to Know About The Arizer Air 2 Review

The Air 2 is the “coolest” Arizer unit. By coolest we literally mean that it’ll give you the coolest sessions out of all Arizer’s products. However, there’s more that you should know about this unit before you make an impulse buying decision. Let’s get into it:

Pure Air

Like with the other Arizer vaporizers, the Air 2 comes with an isolated airpath that produces the purest and most flavorful vapors. And just like their other vaporizers, the vapor path travels down boro-silicate glass.


How does the Air 2 stay charged up? Well, USB charging is an option with this device, so you can charge it anywhere for limitless usage. Plus it contains 50% higher capacity rechargeable batteries. The extra power from the batteries allows for a faster heat-up, which is fantastic.


When you purchase the Air 2, you’ll be provided with pre-pack bowls, interchangeable batteries, and a carrying case for your convenience. However, Arizer’s other hard shell carrying case is sold separately.


Taking care of the Air 2 is pretty simple. It’s pretty much maintenance free. The only thing that you need to do is set it up. Thankfully, personalization is simple as well. You’ll have precision control over the temperatures that you want during your sessions.

Customer Service

An important consideration when buying from any company is customer service. Arizer assures us that their components are of the highest quality, and to back that up, the Air 2 comes with a 2 year warranty.

arizer air 2

What Are People Saying About The Air 2?

After looking at customer reviews and an independent blogger’s perspective, here’s what the most recurring comments were about this product:

Customer Service Is…

  • Committed
  • Quick to respond, quick repairs
  • Goes beyond their guarantee
  • Can take care of issues free of charge
  • Extremely polite and reassuring, helped with a cracked LCD screen

Quality is…

  • A world ranked vaporizer
  • Had battery problems from other companies but not with this one, so far battery lasting 1 year+
  • Original Air 1 lacked precise temperature control, but not this Air 2
  • Much better airflow than the previous model, chamber heats up faster, better battery life
  • With Arizer products you can generally remove the battery and replace it instead of having to replace the whole unit, Air 2 is well worth the price
  • Air 1 is great but Air 2 has a digital component
  • Easy to use in all ways, glass tube is easy to load, clean, and leaves no unwanted taste
  • Easy to turn on and adjust the settings
  • Doesn’t get dirty because the glass chamber holds all the leftovers
  • Can buy extra batteries since they’re interchangeable and you can use the Air 2 all day

Price is…

  • The best dollar value handheld in its class
  • Researched various reviews, Reddit opinions, forums, to see that the Air products are the best purchase

Taste is…

  • Flavor and vapor are both very cool

Who Is The Air 2 Best Suited For?

Despite the glowing reviews, there is one feature that should make everyone pause before buying this product: the longer stem. The Air 2 has a large (3-4 inch) glass stem mouthpiece which makes it less portable, since having a glass stem in your pocket isn’t always a good idea.

However, the Air 2 is a good option to consider if you’re going to use it mostly in the house and if you’d like to experience the coolest vaping sessions possible.

To get the full Arizer experience, you should get some extra stem pipes so that you can pre-load your stems anywhere.