Rokin Mini Tank Review

The Mini Tank is a 510 threaded battery vape from the brand Rokin. It gives new meaning to the words “portable” and “discreet”, coming in at just 2 inches tall! Rokin says it’s in fact the smallest vape on the market, and was the first mini-sized vaporizer in the US.

Rokin’s Mini Tank is for oil cartridges only, and what it does, it does well. I’ve enjoyed the vapor quality I get from this guy, and when I’m in the mood for oils it’s perfect. Because it’s 510 thread, it’s compatible with just about any oil cartridge you’re going to buy, so for the occasional oil user like myself this one device is all I need.

flatlay of rokin's mini tanks in assorted colorsThe Mini Tank is Rokin’s best seller. It comes in six different colors, four of which are bright neon and the other two are a simple grey or black.

The first Mini Tank I ever had had only one voltage setting and a preheat mode. The ones available today have “power wave technology” which varies the voltage, allowing for even heating of your oil without overheating. It also gives smooth and tasty hits.

IT has a high capacity 500 mAh lithium ion battery, which has served me well throughout my use.


What’s awesome about the Mini Tank

The biggest pro about the Mini Tank is how economical it is. You can grab one of these for under $30 and that’s a steal compared to many of the higher-end vaporizers we typically review. In fact you could buy one of these for every day of the week and still have cash to spare compared to device kits like the PAX or Furna. This makes the Mini Tank perfect for those just starting out, or, let’s be honest — for those prone to losing their stuff!

It also has an automatic shut-off feature after a minute and a half, great for those who might otherwise forget and leave it on.

Another reason newbies should flock to the Mini Tank is because it’s dead simple to use. Seriously, could not be easier. It’s straight forward, without all the bells and whistles, so you can get in a great session without having to think too much about it.

rokin mini tank oil vape

It’s also super compact. Traveling? Take the Mini Tank. Going on a hike? Mini Tank. Don’t want to mess with a big, cumbersome device? The Mini Tank is for you. We know that not all small devices pack the punch to make them worth the buy, but the Mini Tank delivers. Steer clear of the uber-cheap brands and get this inexpensive yet still powerful machine.

If reliable performance and predictable consistency in your sessions is what you’re after, the Mini Tank will not disappoint. I’ve used this thing a bunch and I can count on it to perform well every time. That said…

What needs improvement

I’ve had a couple Mini Tanks now and they all seem to max out around the two year mark. They work great up until then, and then just sort of die. After that they stop working altogether. This is always a bummer and a major flaw with this device. But, for $30 I also don’t really mind that much. All of Rokin’s products also have a 12 month warranty.

As I said, if you’re a newbie just starting out, you’ll likely want to explore more vaporizer products after awhile anyway. This little device is perfect to get you started with oils and see where things go. Or if you’re likely to lose this thing anyway, you won’t beat yourself up over it because you’re only out $30 and it was only going to last a few years anyway.

We would love to see Rokin come out with a new generation of this device that can last a bit longer. But in the meantime we will gladly get a new one every few years to keep getting the quality hits the Rokin Mini Tank provides.


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